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Kenyans foiled again

(although their love for political gossip and “siasa” makes them abettors).

That the government can go to great (shoddy) lengths to orchestrate the mercenary press conference saga may suggest that they are well attuned to Kenyans’ infamous political amnesia.

Or am I giving them too much credit?

Anglo-leasing? Goldenberg arrests? Moody resigning? Constitution? Standard raid?

What??? That was so two weeks ago.

Meanwhile ODM has the same predeliction for stupid drama while the country falls apart. I mean have these MEN put anything on the table other their raw ambition?

So on and on we’ll go until 2007.

And Kenyans will be right there with them ready to gobble up all their antics (while complaining about how terrible politicians are).

How many times have you heard people say that they miss Moi because at least he was entertaining (folks who spent nightmarish times at Nyayo house will disagree…the amnesia problem again)?

And the elections will be upon us.

And we’ll spend another five years complaining about how nothing has changed.

8 comments to Kenyans foiled again

  • LOL@ entertaining – the thing with Moi I think is that you knew what to expect and what you got – Kibaki’s government portrays a clean-cut image (to the rest of the world) then goes ahead and hoodwinks everyone by doing exactly the opposite.

    Amnesia indeed – I hope everyone shuns these goons come 2007 – but I am not holding my breath.

  • Well done Jonny. Definitely, the Kenyan police could have handled the raid on Standard with a little more class, but they may have been justified in initiating a raid to begin with.

    Pundit, assuming the alleged set up of the mercenaries conference is true, isn’t a really important issue the fact that Raila had access to these mercenaries passports beforehand? Does it not indicate he had met them before? Maybe was expecting their arrival? I think that there’s definitely smoke here, but I doubt what’s burning is what you think is burning.

  • jonny

    a sizable middel class is essentail to democracy – in kenya the middel class is too small such that most of the current issues that kenya is dealing with like the press the constitution and corruption are essentailly middle class driven issues – but the votes are not with with the middle c;ass thats why on one hand polticians pander t o tribal inclinations (ODM etc) and act with impunity (michuki) because they know that those issues (middle class issues) dont get them elected

  • adongo ogony

    This is dangerous entertainment. This is my take on it as posted on Jukwaa


  • lesley

    Kenyans should stand and stop forgetting things that really matter most in their lives or else we will find ourselves in the chamber era

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  • Octavia

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