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Full Githongo Report

This is a must read. The rot is not just in the individuals but in the systems and in patronage politics. And this is going on in a government that’s under much more scrutiny and in an environment where the Githongo dossier can circulate freely. Just think, the full Goldenberg storo has STILL yet to […]

Excerpts from the Githongo Dossier to Kibaki

Landed in my inbox this morning…can’t vouch for it’s veracity, but it seems to closely mirror recent press articles.

“I called Vice-President Moody Awori on the hotline regarding the Immigration Department contract matters and he denied knowledge of this, saying that he had made a point of not knowing about these things. However, he promised […]

Blind item day

Standard is on a roll.…

Who could they be talking about?

Minister 1 is likely Kipruto Kirwa: “One of them, who was not anywhere near Anglo Leasing, but managed to curve out a goldmine in his ministry, I am told, now has a new mansion somewhere on the undulating hills of a popular suburb so […]

A rose by any other name…

Can someone please tell me why “lobbying” and “campaign finance” and “fraud” are always the words used to describe instances of corruption/bribery when it occurs in the United States and elsewhere in the West?

An excerpt from the article:

The lobbyist Jack Abramoff asked for $9 million in 2003 from the president of […]