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More shocking evidence of police death squads

Bernard Kiirinya was a former driver with the Special Crimes Unit of the Kenya Police. He came forward with evidence of extra-judicial killings to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. His act of whistle blowing cost him his life. Let us hope it was not in vain (although this is Kenya, where heroism is pointless).

Please read his full disturbing statement here.

7 comments to More shocking evidence of police death squads

  • simbaMtu

    Very disturbing evidence.
    Thank you very much for sharing it.

    It raises many troubling questions about the Kenya Police. Very clearly the police have not just been executing Mungiki sect members, but also a variety of other people and criminals as well. Furthermore, thse killings are sometimes happening as a for-profit activity. And the executioners are being promoted within the police department.

    This moves Kenya in the direction of becoming a failed, third-world country (similar to Mexico, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, and others). And it means that Kenyans are losing any hope of democracy – or governance by the law at all. In fact, it opens the door for criminal syndicates to essentially take over Kenya – if they haven’t already done this.

    Very troubling possibilities.


  • Ken

    After reading the report I cannot believe that no one has been charged with any crime yet, and that Commissioner Ali and Amos Wako are still in office. In some other countries this is the kind of stuff that brings down entire governments. How do we end the culture of impunity? (to use that lately overused word)

  • rachel

    To blame the Kenya Police is to be simplistic and hypocritical. Kenyans do not spend money on the police force. These guys are form four leavers, who are taken on a crash course at Kiganjo on law and order, are ‘shown’ how to handle an AK 47 and sent to some God forsaken place with a stiff kick in the butt…

    So, this guy is supposed to hold his own against hardened criminals who have everything to gain and nothing to loose. Crooks who have money to bribe their way through any corridor of power and you stupid Kenyan still expect the hapless copper to keep you safe against this maniac??!!!

    For the past two years, Mungiki has been on a killing spree, forcibly recruitng members and woe unto you if you resist. Killings were reported, with headless corpses lining the landscapes in Kiambu all the way to Murang’a. Residents are gripped with fear and all those sons who defied the mungiki disappeared forever…some were killed others have crossed border into other countries. The judiciary is also biased against law enforcment. The police do not have the technology and know how to conduct modern investigations (we are stuck in the real life drama version of Inspekta Mwala and Vioja Mahakamani. Do we have a forensic lab? DNA tests are still too expensive!! Cops can’t prosecute and are required to turn over all their evidence to the defence. So what does that tell you? If you’re rich, connected etc….evidence can be bought, maghistrates can be bribed to look the other way and you can also pay the hapless cop to make the evidence disappear!!! So when that psycho Mungiki guy walks away scot free the cops who indicted him have no choice but to regroup and off him before he offs them. And that my friends is justice made in Kenya. Unfortunately, Kiamaiko, Mathare is thug heaven that is where they reside so if you get caught on the wrong side of town, please blame your half wits.

    Finally, we need change champions. Am not one of them, but we all know strong honest people in our communities who can effect positive change and are beliecvers of truth. We need to go the Thailand way people…otherwise it will be your headless corpse in the news 2moro. PEACE.

  • Interesting comments of the Frontline Club page. If they are anything to go by, this media talk might turn explosive

  • Antony

    @Rachel, a little over three years since you posted your piece.
    I do believe you think you have an insight into “this hapless copper”.
    As you say, the corruption comes from the wealthy.
    Who are the wealthy in Kenya?
    Answer that and you see the whole power structure laid bare.
    You see who controls which part of Kenya’s infrastructure – no part of Kenya is untainted – and the police and GSU are a critical part of maintaining the corruption.
    There is no “Mungiki”; it is an illusion created by the wealthy so that a job can be done, just as the “Kwekwe” were there to do a job for the same people, only the Mungiki out lived their usefulness.
    Get real Rachel and admit that the Kenya police (and politicians) are totally corrupt.

  • it was opened in the yr 1990, little did the owners know that the website

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