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Random stuff

So I have been working on coming up with alternative ways (i.e. non-“development aid) of solving some of the challenges facing Africa, I’m still hooked on the prize/competition idea as a way to spurn innovation, especially if combined with a mentoring element. I just came across Google’s Summer of Code page and thought it was […]

Still dodging a post on the referendum…

– Have a tech idea that you think could be the basis of a start-up? Checkout Start-up School (podcasts will be available). Hat tip SJ!

– Beautifully written post on a visit to the visa desk at the UK High Commission in Nairobi.

– Mobile phones create a “cyber-currency” and revolutionize micro-lending in […]

Techie stuff

First, an interesting WSJ piece on Microsoft’s effort to catch up with the likes of Google.

Second, an uber-interesting idea by Philip Greenspun – the mobile phone as a home PC . Given the ever-growing rates of mobile penetration in Africa, I wonder whether this could this be the solution to the continent’s digital […]

Technology Review’s Top 35 Under 35

http://techreview.com/articles/05/10/issue/feature_tr35.asp […]