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Because I’m sick and tired of Kenyan politics…

…the Washington Post remixed, some neat African art, and when Google isn’t specific enough…”I want to….”

10 comments to Because I’m sick and tired of Kenyan politics…

  • Msanii_XL

    Needed a break huh?….you deserve it too.

    The i want page is one of the best sites i have visted in minute…bookmarking that page.

    thanks for that

    You are welcome. That page is a total time trap.

  • We are all tired of Kenyan politics, I literally get sick thinking ok Kenyan MP’S making about $15,000 and yet they do absolutely nothing. Props to you though. Actually Ory how is the patent law at Harvard? thinking of taking that up, just got done with my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
    Holla back and stay strong you cannot not get tired yet, we have not even started.

    Check your inbox re patent law. It’s just temporary fatigue…

  • But even when you “retreat” you still post smart stuff–I tend to write about beds and cats and food.

    Art? way too heady for me. In fact, I need to blog about cats–it’s almost christmas again.

    It’s the geek in me :-)

  • Njoro

    It’s incredibly frustrating and appalling to see the sloth that is Kenyan (and African) politics – especially after a prolonged stay abroad (US) where real issues take center-stage and not personalities or shameless self-seeking!

    I am seriously contemplating standing in Naivasha and I shudder to think of the crop of gross incompetents and petty tribal-mongers that I would serve with if I won.

    Still I am going for it!
    So don’t tire out yet, progressive politicians and civil society have to work together if we’re gonna move the country forward.

    Go for it Njoro! The sloth has unfortunately often been a two-way street…the politics are incompetent and the electorate tolerate and often encourage the pettiness we see, hopefully the recent vote is the beginning of a move towards demanding a more accountable government. As for progressive politicians…I’m beginning to think that is an oxymoron.

  • owukori

    I think its African Politics Ory – depressingly vulgar, uninspirational, reactionary and corrupt are the words that come to my mind – but what is worse at least in the case of Nigeria is the people are so apathetic and yes “progressive politicians is definately an oxymoron!

    I think the apathy thing is definitely the biggest problem…wonder what it will take to get people to have higher expectations of their leaders.

  • Hey Njoro go for it. Am thinking of actually doing the same thing in about 5 years. Maybe politics won’t be as depressing as it is. But remember pple like the late ONYONKA came from the U.S with ideas and a vision, only to be caught up in the system. What we are experiencing is a total and complete cancer in our system of government, Chemo won’t even come close to solving the issue.
    props to you though

  • Njoro

    @Ory, thanks for the encouragement. LOL @ oxymoron quip but you’re right since very few politicians care about the plight of the country or the people. You make an excellent point about Kenyans becoming more politically savvy. Hopefully they’ll cease being submissive to the tribal and petty political shenanigans and instead demand accountability and good governance. I only wish more bright men and women would come into the political fold.

    @Raymond, thanks too and kudos for planning to take the plunge into politics. You’re right, we have to be resilient, diligent and focused to stay the progressive course and not give in to the muddle of distractions, pettiness and greed.

  • Hi my friends the ninth parliament was the worstI ever saw and we should pluck off all its members.

  • muthiora


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