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World AIDS Day

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6 comments to World AIDS Day

  • My 1st encounter with aids was rather mundane yet tragic. Back in 90 or there about, my voice was breaking and my awareness of the opposite sex was at its peak. Yet at this tender initiation I was certain I had seen the most beautiful Kenyan woman-incidentally, my taste was and still is, I believe to some degree, relatively good. A year later, she was dead and I can’t describe to you the shock that greeted me at her funeral. She had withered and shrunk to a shell. That was my wake up call and that of many who knew her given her unconventional beauty. Tragic thus far, I became aware of my surrounding. Not just for those with aids, but rater with misfortune and how fragile life can be. It was a sight that has since moderated my temperament in this fish bowl.

    It gets grim when one learns that a talented young man or woman was cut down before their time and deed; more so when their destiny is hijacked by illness no mater what form.

    Nature’s junction is impromptu.

  • MsaniiXL

    [InSidious] Nature’s junction is impromptu.[/InSidious] …true story

    I was one of those people during my late teens (still trying to learn/GROW) that would always say ” IF I GOT AIDS I WOULD RATHER KILL MYSELF THAN FACE MOMS, FAM OR MY FRIENDS”….but I realise that no one walks around just wanting to get AIDS shit happens and how you deal with the aftermath is what matters most.

    I have not seen anyone close to me get aids, but in my early teens during church sponsored vists to hospital….i saw what AIDS did to people.. and as much as I’m averse to the “shock therapy” aspect that i experienced….it worked then , i only hope our elders would have (AND WILL ) combined that with talking to the young’ns about the whole thing instead of treating it as taboo..

  • obamab

    Well those are the old days when AIDS was on the lips of everyone, when all we saw on TV was the “shock therapy” but more importantly is what is happening to the county that is bearing the brunt of the AIDS scrounge.
    What have we seen in the Lake Victoria region where the scrounge of the disease can be used as a case study of the long term impact of the disease.
    As much as the Kenyan government is aimed at curbing the spread of the disease we are forgetting the people who are being left behind.it is time for the government to stop and pick up the pieces the destroyed lives of the old helpless grandfathers and mothers left to take care of the orphans left behind by the scrounge.The Kenyan government should be held responsible for this and the despicable instant of kibaki letting the most corrupt individual associated with the AIDS in Kenya go. The money siphoned by this characters would have been used to give hope to one a many families trying to make it out of the shadow of the disease.

  • sue

    I wonder whether Kenyans and Africans have decided, out of ‘good taste’ to just brush aside comments by Jackson Mwireri and the all-important research into the history of AIDS by BOYD E GRAVES, the courageous African -American lawyer who sued the American government for deli berately infecting the world’s black population with aids? In my opinion, this is a topic that shoud be taken very seriously by all human beings who truly care for justice and not just pay lip service to it. It is not a matter of opinions, but a matter of looking at AIDS from a perspective that will bring about answers that have so far remained obscure, for instance, the ‘lack’ of a cure. What happened to Dr Davy Koech’s seminal discovery back in 1990 (or thereabouts)? Remember only we can free ourselves from the prisons constantly springing up around us, by discussing our own fates and coming up with solutions. Boyd Graves and Mwireri have started the ball rolling. Let’s keep it that way!

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