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Taking a much deserved break for the next few days.

Will be part of the hordes of tourists descending on Cape Town.

The perks of living in Africa…Xmas holidays on the beach and no storos of sijui working until Dec. 23rd :-)

7 comments to Kujienjoy

  • Princess

    Have a blast!!

  • drtoothie

    Have a wonderful time in Cape Town. I just came back from a 2 weeks visit and i am missing the place. Boston is freakin’ cold….warm weather beckons.

  • sunrisethree

    speak for yourself my dear. there are many of us for whom christmas is a time of envying all you smug holidayers- wishing you sunburn and a killer hangover. Am not talking about those who are forced to bring their bodies to work, but spend all day surfing the net reading blogs and sending sappy forwards to all their pals, am speaking for the few who are forced to work – while they are at it.
    a merry christmas to you, from uncle scrooge and the one who stole christmas.

  • Louis

    enjoy ur break then check out my blog
    need some input from some legal minds

  • kpd

    ahem… umejienyoy enough. regular blogging please!

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