M-Pesa featured in the Christian Science Monitor

They expect to have 1 million customers by Jan 2008! Click here for the story.

3 comments to M-Pesa featured in the Christian Science Monitor

  • great service. Some freelance publishers pay writers by M-pesa – no bank acount required (with their charges) and no 4 day wait for cheques to clear

  • why do they insist of “poor Kenyans”

  • Ory, thanks for letting us know. The artcile was great.

    By the way, if my memory serves me correct, I think either you or your blog were cited in a positive way in the October-December 07 issue of The Africa Report magazine -check pages 86-88.

    Take care.

    I think you have a point, they could have said unbanked. But you know, what I think is that for some organizations they think it sounds better to say poor instead of marginalized or un-banked. But, nevertheless the story was still amazing and I hope that the matter of them not being politically correct doesnt get in front of the message-of private enterprise solving the problems of those who don’t ordinarily have access through this vehicle called M-Pesa.

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