My panel session at GK3

I’m in transit in Doha on the way back to Joburg. I haven’t had a chance to blog about my panel (for those who asked), so I’ll instead link to Nancy White from Full Circle who did a great job of liveblogging the session.

I was kicked off the BBC World debate on the One Lap Per Child Program at the last minute (literally like 2 hours before), because of “politics.” The organizer of the panel was very apologetic, especially since them asking me to participate involved a bit of process, but there’s definitely a post (rant) about that coming up once I’m back in Joburg…especially in light of Hash’s very very pertinent post on who gets to speak about Africa when the topic is Africa.

4 comments to My panel session at GK3

  • JKE

    “This is their tool. They are more likely to go to google than newspaper for election information. Build that culture of questioning what your politician is doing for you.” best quote i read on this. thx!

    pole about the “politics” issue. some ppl will never learn it.

  • I’m very interested in hearing this story.

  • I’ve read Ms. White’s liveblogging report. Very interesting. Still, it would also be interesting to here what you thought of the session. What your expectations and impressions were.

  • cambarne

    I would be very interested to here your story and so would many other people..

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