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Malaysia…truly Asia.

I’m blogging from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ll be speaking at the GK3 Conference tomorrow and participating in a BBC World (TV) panel on the One Lap Per Child debate. I was meant to write about this earlier, but in between a terrible flu that was passed on to Gabriella, winding up at work, making sure the family was taken care off before I leave, and trying to find time to update Mzalendo it’s been hectic.

Then the trip itself was something from the Twilight Zone.

The lady checking me in at Joburg said the flight was very delayed by 2 hours, so I relaxed and had a Hunter’s Dry at the bar…kumbe the flight was only 30 minutes late. Next thing I know I’m being looked for all over the airport, then whisked through immigration (but not before I was bullied by a very xenophobic immigration agent…SA miros…eish!), then sprinting to the plane and getting dirty looks from Emirates staff. And after all that, we still sat on the runaway for another 40 mins. Which meant that my connection in Dubai was close. As in I got off the plane, and had to get from sijui gate 2 to gate 47 (WTF!) like yesterday. Gate 47 might as well have been on the other end of the world. I almost dandiad (do people still say that?) on those tu-trolleys for old folks. At least the food and entertainment on the flight was good…is what I was thinking before my freaking luggage got stuck in Dubai!

Bag is still not here…

On the positive side, Kuala Lumpur is a retail heaven so replacing my clothing while I wait for my bag to appear (hopefully sometime before I head back to Joburg) has not been too painful. And the people are very friendly, city has a nice buzz to it and is a fascinating mix of cultures, food is great and cheap, public transport is convenient, and the stores open till 10 p.m. (Joburg stores close at 6:00 pm…guys don’t even blink).

I’ll definitely be back here…under more relaxed circumstances…I hope.

Off to figure out my talk…

5 comments to Malaysia…truly Asia.

  • Please let us know how the talk goes. Good Luck.

  • Nice blog. :)
    Seems like you’re a global traveller.


  • I hear that Malaysia has become the new India, where every Kenyan who does not end up in Europe, Australia or North America ends up in…….. tell us, is there a big Kenyan crowd out there?

    Have fun and all the best with the talk; tell us how it goes

  • Bemused

    I understand the travel pains. I travel alot for businesss, and if I can I send my stuff ahead of me by UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc. They are more reliable than the airlines. Hotels accept the packages, and have everything waiting for me by the time I am there.
    Also, travel in the US, has taken a turn for the worse, flights are full, staff is extra cranky (DMV cranky), and delays are quite common (this is in Summer on good weather days). Treat your experience as practise for the time you have to travel back to the States.

  • edwin

    All the best-
    As for the travel hassles,Eish!