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Random observations for the day

– My local cybercafe has Mozilla installed on it’s computers. I almost hugged them seeing that my internet surfing habits are ADD-ish and having seven Explorer windows open at one time just doesn’t cut it.

– Before I get some negative comments from someone who’s affliated with the KCCT, turns out that they do have a broadband connection but it would have cost more for the conference organizers. Problem is no one bothered to give the conference organizers this option. A Kenyan attending the conference told me that this was typical of the way ICT/Technology is handled by some folks in Kenya…like it’s something to be hoarded.

– Was listening to the radio the other day when a “customer service” ad by the Kenya Police came on. The ad was requesting people who’ve had “customer service” issues with any member of the police force or any police station to report their “issues” to a special police unit that deals with such problems. The ad was very well done and it made me think of how things have changed in Kenya…I couldn’t help but be skeptical about whether this was more than just a PR campaign so I asked my favorite cab driver, Sam, who was in the car with me, what he thought and he said that the police are really trying to improve their image and doing a good job at it in his opinion.. Sam said that he would definitely feel comfortable complaining about a “customer service” issue and had positive things to say about the new community policing initiative, which he says has made a big difference where he lives in Rongai.

– Pedicure that has my feet feeling like a baby’s (I was suguliwad kabisa) and looking cute – Kshs 400; getting my eyebrows threaded well – Kshs 100; getting my very short hair expertly braided – Kshs 1200, including the hairpiece. It’s good to be back! Edit: gotta plug stall number 71 in Kenyatta Market.

4 comments to Random observations for the day

  • Afrofeminista

    Love the new look! I’m with you on the pedicures that don’t break the bank…coming home does have its advantages.

    On the police – we were saying the other day that in some areas there is a (visisible) shift in attitude. I went to a meeting withe MoHealth and it was so encouraging to be speaking the same language on how public hospitals can best respond to gender violence as health care providers. And even more amazing is that they now have national guidelines for all hospitals to use, in handling survivors of gender based violence. This particular project, has moved at a faster pace since Charity Ngilu took over as head of that ministry.

    What we sometimes need to do is remind ourselves of these pockets (albeit small in number) of change – otherwise we might let the images of our imbecile MPs and Ministers misbehaving totally discourage citizen interest/participation in public affairs. Which I sometimes think is the MPs’ aim…:???:

    Glad you are feeling the new look! Your comment is totally spot on.

  • M

    I’ve also heard that ad … let me not comment until i see the initiative in operation.

    As for the mozilla thing the cyber i occasionally use refuses to install it and even whe n i surreptitiously install it when i return it’s gone! We’ll see who’ll get tired first 👿

    Wish there was a way to promote it…it makes browsing so much more efficient and I think it’s even faster than explorer.

  • prodigaldaughter

    yes, tabbed browsing is the best!

    can’t wait to fika home!

    Be sure to hit me up when you get back. Have been following your travel chronicles….good stuff!

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