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Random observations for the day

In a rush…

– Ati there used to be a local wine called MEDUSA, which apparently stood for Mengi Duniani Sahau (complete with a picture of Medusa on the bottle)…I thought that was hilarious. Does anyone remember this?

– Quote of the day. Murungaru to Musyoka on his “No”/Orange stance, “You don’t even have to be sacked, you’ll find yourself in an impossible situation….” Murungaru should know one or two things about impossible situations, right?

– Speaking of Murungaru word on the grapevine, repeat grapevine, is that the UK ban had nothing to do with Anglo-leasing (or Landrovers) but was all about the Ksh 6bn cocaine haul. SUPPOSEDLY some…ahem…interested and powerful parties, who are not very popular in the UK and countries like ehh Italy, have been trying to make the story (and the cocaine) disappear and a certain person was their hatchet man. He went to the UK (of all places) to finalize the deal and was promptly caught on camera by the British secret service.

3 comments to Random observations for the day

  • That kind of Murangaru.. cocaine.. gossip is highly encouraged. Where there is smoke, there must be fire, at the very least, have been a fre. May the truth set us free (wishful thinking) No find out for us please, what’s plan b should the constitution not pass with a “yes” vote? Back to where we started from? Basically is there a contingent plan, if so what is it?

    Thanks for your comment Mymmoh. As far as I know there is no contingency plan and it will back to square one, if I find out anything different will let you guys know.

  • Lets assume the outcome, or probability of, is clear, what would be the interjecting precedent that could allow for re-evaluation thereby availing other options as pertaining to a simple vote of ‘yes’ or ‘no’?. Is it possible to intercede before the vote, and if so,what options are available?

  • Alejandro Snr.

    I almost became a distributor of Medusa – this was in the early 90s. There was also an equally potent sister product called Rumlika. Although the manufacturers tried to go mainstream in terms of their distribution, the drinks didn’t really take off – ideas ahead of their time.