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Random Observations of the Day

Quote of the day: Nairobi resident being interviewed while waiting in line to receive a copy of the draft constitution, “I’ll be happy to have a copy of the draft constitution so that I can read it for myself since I don’t trust the politicians…they are only after their own interests.”

– I think their should be a media blackout on all referendum campaigns from now on because they are totally nonsensical and are serving no purpose other than to heighten political tensions. Example of the kind of useless stuff that’s going on, here’s Mwiraria’s two cent’s, “Tusemee nini? Ndizi.” Uumm..alrighty then.

– There’s going to be a public forum tomorrow – Draft Constitution Bill, 2005: Gains and Losses (focus on the following chapters: Devolution, Media, Land, Women’s Interests, and the Structure of the Executive) – at Nairobi Safari Club from 9:00-4:00. The lineup of speakers is pretty good and I’m going to try and live blog (sort of) the whole thing.

– Kind of neat seeing companies advertising their VoIP services in the newspaper given that VoIP was illegal a little more than a year ago.

– Inmates at Lang’ata Women’s Prison receive drama therapy.

– Anyone remember Barbara Kimenyi’s Moses series? It came up during a dinner conversation I was having last night…talk about blast from the past, I loved her books.

6 comments to Random Observations of the Day

  • Basically, there is a thinking Nairobi resident. Now if we could get everyone else to think for themselves…BTW, I’m completely digging the vision of Kenya through your random observations. Keep it up.

    Ok, the voting for this constitution, is it broken down or is it a basic “yes/no” vote? Is every issue a vote? Plus are you speaking to people who bring issues to light (editors/reporters/media personnel). Just to avoid what’s coming ahead, we need to know how a no vote is tobe handled. Chaos are only a few months away otherwise.

  • CCK had yet to authorize VoIP largely because of Telcom monopoly: that muct has changed. I figure liberization in this field has greatly enhanced options available to corporate entities and small businesses mainly concentrated in Nairobi. I wonder, could a farmer in Londiani access this affordable utility? Theres work to be done.

    That aside, exclusive gatherings irrespective of the intent are generally devoid of a broader mass that is genuinely concerened. Generally, photo ops and champagne sizzle is typical. No harm done! (I query)

    While alluding to mymmoh, the convention here is somewhat conclusive, as in, a “yes” or “no”, be there as as it may. What next if the affirmative vote fails? What is the general sentiment given such an outcome?

  • Alejandro Snr.

    The structure of the government is not the impediment to delivery, so yay or nay will have little impact on how the government performs. It’s simply a matter of will – and the current crop have demonstrated, over and over, a complete lack of it. Let’s face it, our problem is we are governed by punks, from cabinet ministers to councillors – they have more similarities than differences, and no lengthy legal document will change that.

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