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Random Thoughts of the day

So I’ve been attending a conference all week at the Kenya Communications of Technology. There are four computers available for use by conference participants who want to check their email, surf, etc…what’s very disturbing to me is that this has to be the slowest connection I’ve experienced in Kenya in years and this is supposed to be a college on communication and technology (they have great ndaos though) !!!

How bad is it? Checking my email at the local cybercafe in our estate this morning felt like using broadband for the first time. Wonder whether this speaks to the general neglected state of tertiary institutions in Kenya.

Other random thoughts:

– I can’t figure out what’s worse…the Cabinet Ministers campaigning against their own government from the luxury of their Cabinet posts, or a President who can’t manage his Cabinet and doesn’t have the cajones to fire them.

– Is it just me or is the Kenyan music scene a little tired?

– Where did Yash Pal Ghai disappear to…would be interesting to hear his views on the Wako version?

– Found out today that there are only 40 computers available in for high school (maybe primary too) use in Nakuru.

– Had a conversation with a guy from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia and they were envious about the freedom of expression we have in Kenya. The guy from Ethiopia pointed out that the only good thing that’s come out of the recent elections in Ethiopia is that Ethiopians, particularly in the diaspora, have become united in their commitment to change things in their country and are no longer separating themselves based on tribe as far as the future of their country. He also said that the African Union election monitors were a disgrace and made him ashamed to be an African, because they basically toed the government line and provided only about 40 monitors for an election that had 35,000 polling stations.

Back to conferencing…

4 comments to Random Thoughts of the day

  • 40 monitors are better than none. Rome was never built in a day. Implore him to take heart.

  • James

    Hi Ory,
    I happen to have had the good fortune of having lunch with Prof. Yash Ghai two days ago. He is currently a visiting professor of comparative constitutional law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School. He is still as forthright as ever. He told me that he is currently writing a longish commentary on the Wako draft…should be ready sometime early next week. Apparently he will send it through official channels…with copies to the media. Look-out for it. He will also be coming to Kenya next month, for about 10 days.

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