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Random observations for the day

Gossip of the day: Minister of Agriculture, Kipruto Kirwa, is supposedly building a “ridiculous” house in Karen i.e. ridiculous even by NARC new money standards. Will work on trying to obtain photographic evidence.

– The referendum campaigns keep heating up with reports of violence when the “Yes” campaigners landed in Garissa today…they were forced to cancel their rally. My take on this whole “Yes” “No” thing…in true Kenyan politics fashion, the two sides will reconcile at the last minute and announce a “town XYX consensus.” Why is that? Because the financial (read personal) stakes are getting too high. Business people, who have been the biggest beneficiaries of the NARC government besides the politicians (supposedly all companies listed on the stock exchange have been profitable in the last financial year, even the Unga Company MD was shocked), have begun making noises about the uncertainty the review is causing. Many of the leaders of the yes and no camps are in big business…very often together (e.g. Uhuru and the ‘baks are supposedly shareholders of the Woolsworths/Deacons franchise and everyone is doing business with Merali) and if temperatures keep rising it will be bad for business. The referendum is two months away…that’s a looong time as far as Kenyan politics is concerned… a lot can still happen.

– Some things change, some things remain the same.

– It is supposedly costing the government Kshs 200 million a month to keep Telkom Kenya afloat.

– On a lighter note. New Jack Swing night at Carnivore is the place to be for those of us stuck in a 1988-1995 musical time warp. Pinye and Adrian were spinning last night, and they KILLED it. I was literally on my feet all night and went prepared with comfortable (but still cute) shoes.

5 comments to Random observations for the day

  • New Jack Swing: Interesting time warp that was. Few places have that allure, let’s not forget visions (RIP).

    What Kenya is experiencing is a somewhat of an economic revolution, albeit isolationist, yet similar to that experienced by India and China in the late seventies. Big business runs the government, through taxation, influence, you name it. So it wasn’t a surprise that when Dr.Newton Kulundu came up with a labor law structure that would guarantee, not only the safety of workers, but humane treatment as well, big business and conglomerates spit homiletic rhetoric calling Dr.Kulundu’s proposals, “costly”, not implementable, so forth and on. Most missed the small caption in the Dailies yet the impact of such notorious influence, albeit behind the scenes, is mortally degenerative.

    In other words, your observation of the outcome, might as well be, perhaps better defined as the principal stumbling block among others.

    Meanwhile, New Jack Swing touches a cord! Just don’t wear spandex and a big jacket.
    -Lovey Dovey-Tonny Terry
    -Let’s stay together-Guy

  • I must say the pipeline story is uplifting. Truckloads of (undereducated, I’m sure) workers? That receive a Kenyan 6 figure income as allowance for being local expatriates? mmmhhhhh. tsk,tsk! Scandalous article, that New York entourage. I hope the media is screaming about it. May they be made to reimburse the government and pay out of pocket. (The advising vacationers, that is).

    About that house… Keep the gossip coming. Can we find out if it was included in the declaration of wealth. If not, if he is making enough to support the quick rising structure in Karen…

    I miss Carnivore!

    The Pipeline story was replicated in all parastatals…yet another reason why people shouldn’t get too nostalgic about pre-Narc days. Was Kirwa’s house included in the declaration of wealth…looks like we’ll never know.

  • bankelele

    The minister’s mansion is quite visible as he built it in the open without planting trees. If you drive a mile past Karen towards Ngong, and just before you cross a valley, it’s right there.

    Si you beat a ka-photo the next time you drive by those sides.

  • Padwa Daniel

    All Kenyans are fools, instead of taking the opportunities arrising from Sudan they are making noises of the dying horses.

    God bless Kenya

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