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More shocking evidence of police death squads

Bernard Kiirinya was a former driver with the Special Crimes Unit of the Kenya Police. He came forward with evidence of extra-judicial killings to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission. His act of whistle blowing cost him his life. Let us hope it was not in vain (although this is Kenya, where heroism is pointless). […]

New reports of police harassment of activists

Below is a report I have just read by a Bunge la Mwananchi activist. We have been urging the activists who are being harassed to document their experiences as best as they can. I have promised to make sure that what is going on in Kenya right now gets a wider audience. The report is […]

The Kenya I Cannot Stand

Unedited note from Philo, one of the activists arrested yesterday.

Activists arrested outside parliament

Philo Ikonya, Fwamba FC Fwamba, and Patrick Kamotho have been beaten and arrested by police while demonstrating against lack of unga, and corruption in government at Parliament Buildings. The protests were planned to coincide with Ruto’s censure motion scheduled for today. Philo Ikonya and Fwamba FC Fwamba are currently being held at Central Police Station. […]

Report on implementation of coalition govt

A report prepared by South Consulting on the implementation of the agreements from the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation (KNDR) is now available on the KNDR website.

Raila and the maize scandal

So I came across this memo to Raila today that was supposedly leaked by one of Anyang Nyong’os disgruntled juniors. The memo links Raila’s son Fidel to the missing maize. The reference to Denis is to the ODM PR guy Denis Onyango. Can’t vouch for the memo’s veracity though…it doesn’t seem like Anyang’s memo to […]

Our country is turning into shit…

That line always cracked me up in the Blazing Saddles.

Not so funny when it is your country. All indications from everyone I’m talking to is that corruption is back to Moi’s brazen levels – KPC/Triton is just the tip of the iceberg.

And what in the crazy hell is Kimunya doing back […]

Kenyan protestors arrested for wearing T-shirts!!!!

Via Sukuma Kenya:

Caroline Mutoko of Kiss FM and Mwalimu Mati of Mars Group Kenya are among those who have this morning been arrested at the Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi. The two have been taken to the Langata police station. 60 other Kenyans are also being bundled into waiting police vehicles and it appears […]