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Kibaki declared winner on KBC -rumor confirmed!


I had actually been sitting on the rumor that I’ve just posted below for about 40 mins because I didn’t want to spread what I was hoping was falsehoods on my blog at this time.

Unfortunately, it was not a falsehood Kivuitu has just declared Kibaki the winner on KBC TV and asked ODM […]

Election Update 30 Dec 5:40 pm

– No further word from ECK.

– No power at KICC, so you can’t get any footage.

– Journalists and observers being cleared out by GSU. Area has been cordoned off.

I have gone out of my way to avoid reporting on rumors, but will break the rule right now.

I have […]

Election Update 30 Dec 4:00 pm (ECK Briefing)

– No briefing from the ECK on the way about what’s next.

– During the press briefing, Kivuitu went straight to announcing results, nothing about the process last night and what caused the delay. I’m really at a loss of words for the way he is operating right now.

– Will be back […]

Election Update 30 Dec 3:45 (ECK Briefing)

– Teargas thrown at KICC

– Members of the public kicked out of the briefing hall.

– GSU is general services unit

– Kivuitu gone to announce the briefing from another room, I think.

Raila holds an impromptu press conference.

– ODM has raised issues of serious concern not just to […]

Election Update 30 Dec 3:40 (ECK Briefing)

Kivuitu walks out. Briefing is suspended.

Pray for Kenya.

Election Update 30 Dec 3:30 (ECK Briefing)

ECK briefing just started a few minutes ago.

– ODM disputes the Molo results a few minutes later. The ECK returning officer is brought in with a different result on the form 16 A. All hell is breaking lose. Ruto wants the returning officer to read his tally.

Chaos at the briefing. GSU […]

Election Update Dec 30 3:30 pm

PNU just had an impromptu press conference at KICC.

Mungantana spoke first and sounded like he was at a campaign rally.

– First he had an issue with Ruto holding a press conference from the ECK Chairman’s chair and said that was disrepectful (guys…most of the country suspects you are rigging the elections […]

Election Update 30 Dec 2:50 pm

ODM just finished a press conference, William Ruto spoke missed it because was hanging out at the pool with baby but baba took notes for me (my poor family!)

– ECK is supposed to verify by 3:00 pm

– Results in 48 constituencies have issues. The results announced are not the ones on the […]