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Election Update 30 Dec 4:00 pm (ECK Briefing)

– No briefing from the ECK on the way about what’s next.

– During the press briefing, Kivuitu went straight to announcing results, nothing about the process last night and what caused the delay. I’m really at a loss of words for the way he is operating right now.

– Will be back once the situation changes.

16 comments to Election Update 30 Dec 4:00 pm (ECK Briefing)

  • Malebo

    😥 So what happens now? State of emergency? I don’t have bread and veggies in the house to last me a week! And all shops are closed right now!

  • Fred

    There are comes a time when we need to tell someone that the nation is more important than an individual. Kibaki has became a nightmare for Kenya. I’m so angry that I’m blaming Raila for Tosha-ering him in the first place. The man is evil.

  • A Congolese

    Is beautiful Kenya turning into Zimbabwe or what?… I think the courts will have to decide this thing and prosecute those reponsible of rigging… Why not call for another election? This is shameful…

  • Caz

    Does Kibaki understand what he together with the ECK have unleashed and where is the weak fool while all of this is unfolding? Shame!

  • joe

    Kivuitu is reading statement now on KBC

  • Linda O

    It seems that KBC have declared a winner.

  • joe

    Kibaki 4,584,721
    Raila 4,352,993

  • carole

    Shame shame… Kivuitu, we all thought you better than that…. you have failed Kenyans….. You really have failed Kenyans

    Ory, thank you very much for the continued updates, Kudos, you did a good a job… thousand times better than the local media…..

  • Ish

    Incumbent declared president from ECK Chair’s office at KICC as expected, only govt media KBC on hand to report-all others international.

    I guess that’s it.

  • Ivory

    @ congolese
    we will still raise again after this hiccup. We love our country so much to let it go the Congo way or Zimbabwe. Najivunia kuwa Mkenya.

  • lost

    😕 Someone, Anyone, Kindly ……What is going on? Exactly what time (Kenyan time) were this results announced by Kivuitu. I am confused!

  • Shame on you, Kivuitu. You have failed Kenyans. We thought you will manage to be strong in the dangerous but you succumbed to it. Shame. We deserve better than this. We shouldn’t accept this result.

  • concerned

    What truly poor handling of the situation. Its truly shocking how this election progressed. I think the situation is now very worrying. After all the admissions of rigging I don’t believe Kenyans are going to swallow this pill easily. Shame on you Kivuitu you have failed us indeed. Resign and go home. Can we see the breakdown.

  • joe

    Mwai Kibaki has been sworn in at Statehouse

  • lost

    Anyone who well understands the book Shamba La Wanyama, cannot go to the streets to riot. Because the small animals will kill each other while the big animals are just there wasting their breath but unharm. Do not forget every of THEM has security police with them 24/7. I would just remind my fellow Kenyans that the only way they can be heard is to go home and not react on anything all this leaders are saying. Maybe next time we can let all of THEM(Leaders and opposition) go to the polls and votes. If it wasn’t for us fellow mwananchi, I can bet no leader would have the power to stur chaos. So Next time hatutapiga kura kila mtu atakaanyumbani. Wacha wote hao Wanyama wakubwa wajipigie kura wenyewe.

  • Lyn

    It looks like a gun was put to Kivuitu’s head. I wonder what choice he had in the matter. I think it is outrageous.