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Kibaki declared winner on KBC -rumor confirmed!


I had actually been sitting on the rumor that I’ve just posted below for about 40 mins because I didn’t want to spread what I was hoping was falsehoods on my blog at this time.

Unfortunately, it was not a falsehood Kivuitu has just declared Kibaki the winner on KBC TV and asked ODM to go to courts.

This was almost certainly well choreographed.

Final tally announced 4,584,721 (Kibaki) 4,352,993 (Raila)

So I guess now we wait for a state of emergency.

I am in shock.

55 comments to Kibaki declared winner on KBC -rumor confirmed!

  • IM

    This is the message i’ve just gotten from a relative in Nairobi:

    “tuko tu kwa hao hakuna watu nje wamesema prezzy ameshinda watu wamekataa wanariot tunasikia tu gunshots, kuna game imechezwa”

    very sad indeed!

  • P

    Sorry, sorry! Very sad day for Kenya! Following it from Denmark.

    Very good and interesting coverage on your blog. Asante!

  • Lyn

    I am gutted, and am on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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