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Kibaki being sworn in at State House right now

– Very big crowd of PNU guys there. Disgusting to see guys laughing and applauding Kivuitu’s bad jokes while the country is already burning – Kisumu, Kibera, Ongata Rongai, Eastlands already on fire.

Clearly this was part of the plan all along once the results were not going.

Chief Justice and A-G are part of the ceremony. Are these the guys to take your grievances to?

I can barely breathe, I’m so upset at the circumvention of democracy.

11 comments to Kibaki being sworn in at State House right now

  • The Kenyan

    I am very angry I can barely breath!!!1

  • Don

    Crazy..is it just me or did KBC totally not show the Q&A after the press conference of declaring the results? One foreign reporter asked him if he was passing the buck….they seem to cut away to a loop of Kivuitu annaouncement….watching online feed so not sure if it is the same…

  • This is exactly why we need to get rid of this insatiable old guards. We hate them, they don’t represent our future, we need and want change. Kenyans, let us stand up and say no. It is worth paying the price for such a noble course.

  • Vincent

    I just heard about the swearing-in. Why are they in a hurry to swear Kibaki in?. Why the State house? What happened to the big swearing in ceremonies at Uhuru Park? – the one he was sworn in 5 years ago on a wheelchair after Moi’s dictatorial regime. These are red flags of a miserable and unpopular regime.

  • Kenyan damu

    Kibai has sank to new lows. He has even outdone Moi. Compare and contrast Moi’s end of term and Kibaki’s swearing in ceremony in the open attended by thousands with today’s rushed, closed door ceremony.

    Foreign observers, African or otherwise, do not let us down. Let the world know that Kibaki stole the elections and disappointed Kenyans who have worked so hard for democracy over the years.

    P.S. Just corrected my email address.

  • Ivory

    Kibaki is talking about healing and reconciliation….my a*s. What a joke?

  • What next my dear sober friends?

    They are drunk in power and going to a parliament where they are a minority…. where to Kenya my dear folks?

    How many are going to die? I am afraid for all those who have lived in the hope for peace and liberty in an emerging democracy!

  • Akishdebaba

    A very very sad day of all of us pro democracy, any lawyer out there who knows what can be done, can they swear him in secret if odm does not heed defeat? wha a scam, my heart bleeds for the youth of kenya, here comes back corruption in abundant, sad sad sad, how can he evenKibaki let himself be sworn knowing 3/4 of the population have no trust in him, how do you control a parliament who has no trust in you? O god bring out the truth and strike down the liars anyway I guess life goes on and deocracy we beleive in goes down the drain, I could have not cared who won as long as the old timers move on

  • zizi

    the point is that Kibaki should have won failry. why did they hurry the swearing in? why didnt Kivuitu look at the big picture? who speaks for Kenya? Will the “intelligent” kibaki appreciate the situation being in the common voter’s shoes?

    I watched Mutahi Ngunyi put it well that Kibaki has cancelled all his legacy!

    While I pray that there may be peace, sometimes peace rhetoric is far fetched. Kibaki should ve tried that.

    For how long will Kenya burn? I stay around Kibera and I am told Kibera is on fire and there is no power. Helicopters are hovering over. Does Kibaki think about this?

  • McNabb

    It is over, lets move on. Lets appreciate a strong oppostion

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