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It’s a sad day for Kenya

Tears are rolling down my eyes as I’m writing this.

It is a sad day for Kenya when Ruto and Kosgey are the guys arguing for justice and fairness.

It is a sad day for Kenya when Karua and Kibwana are defending rigged results.

It is a sad day for Kenya when Kivuitu is cracking jokes at the state house swearing in ceremony while lives are being lost for people who could care less (10 people already dead in Kisii, 2 dead in Kakamega, at least one in Kisumu).

It is a sad day for Kenya when Kibaki who pledged to be a one-term president and is only president because Raila said Kibaki Tosha can now not be bigger than himself and his cronies.

It is a sad day for Kenya when a cabal that has been in power since independence still controls the countries destiny.

It is a sad day for Kenya when millions of first time young voters have had their voice ignored – how do you tell these people that their vote matters in 2012?

It is a sad day for Kenya that Kenyans will no longer trust the one avenue they have – the ballot box.

It is a sad day in Kenya that the democracy that has been painfully and slowly nurtured since 1992 has been damaged in one day.

It is a sad day.

68 comments to It’s a sad day for Kenya

  • skot

    You guys who are supporting the re-election need to think it through. The facts are that:

    1. How many MP’s were voted out including the VP, that is quite a clear message to the government regarding the lack of confidence.
    2. Kibaki only won in 2 provinces out of the eight, again the lack of confidence and the question on the “number” of votes in those two provinces. I leave you to decide on that.
    3. How can Raila be winning all through and Kibaki takes the lead abruptly?
    4. Did u listen to the PNU guys? They were clearly guilty.
    5. The president was sworn in quite quickly don’t you think? I must say they were all well prepared. But maybe he wanted to get sworn in before 12 PM.

    Whatever the case these elections were not true and fair and democracy was not exercised.

    Lets all pray for Kenya at this trivial time.

  • angie

    The main contention put forward by odm was that the so-called “form 16A” had been ignored in favour of doctored figures. While announcing the results, Kivuitu clearly said that the results he was reading were based on the signed form 16 A. I am inclined to believe him.

    Also at a loss to understand the references to machiavelli and dictator when referring to kibaki. Let’s be honest, people.

    Peace to all.

  • Half n Half

    I dont thinking attacking this blogger for reporting the obvious makes any sense! I dont think the post is either PNU or ODM, it is just a report of what happens!

    I agree with Big Ben, ODM and other parties (even PNU members who won fair and square and are unhappy with the goings on)have enough quorum to impeach him once he opens parliament!

    That should be the next step and not assassination! that is just plain stupid

  • Thanks Ory for excellent coverage of the elections you were very fair and Balanced.
    the irregularities were obvious for all to see and it was a pity that ECK brushed the concerns so casually, the victory cannot be legitimate unless fairness is seen. we must all pray for peace fo Kenya

  • RD

    I am surprised at the hysteria. Honestly, I expected more from you, KP. As a neutral observer, I would like to submit a few considerations in regard to claims of rigging:

    1) Isn’t this the same election commissioner that the opposition earlier insisted they wanted? When his term expired, he was being lionized as a fair person by ODM. The same person is now being cast as a bad guy by the losers.
    2) Isn’t it true that the latter results were predominantly from Central Province, with the expected benefit for Kibaki?
    3) If Kibaki had a plan to rig the election, why would he stop at just the presidential results? He could have included all his cronies and closest associates.
    4) Does anyone doubt that there was some small-scale rigging going on on both sides which effectively neutralized the bias?

  • Agatha

    According to KTN right now, John Michuki has ordered all television stations to stop all live broadcasts “until further notice” – are these people serious? How can they muzzle the press at a time like this? This is only further testament to their guilt.

  • The government has reportedly now BANNED all independent LIVE media broadcasts including KTN and NTV. Probably a state of emergency next. Kibaki, why must you get us into all this? :-(

  • sunstripe

    It seems that Kibaki orchestrated the outcome to favour him regardless from back in the day. Kivuitu was compromised as his term was about to come to an end and it was extended – as a ‘favour’. Another person could have been appointed but that would have been way too obvious. It has been shown that the other commissioners were also compromised. That took care of the electoral process. Then wholesale sacking of judges and their replacement, that took care of any legal avenue that ODM might attempt to pursue. Add a delay in communicating results to maximise confusion, then a hasty announcement and an immediate and secret swearing in – I definitely think Machiavellian is the word. He has this sewn up tight, and short of a coup or revolution there is nothing Kenyans can do about it right now. ODM can take it to the courts since the ECK has absolved itself of responsibility for the rigging, but since the judges are Kibaki appointees it probably won’t get anywhere. So let’s just swallow it and carry on the culture of corruption for another five years – it will be life as usual after all. May God grant us the the serenity
    to accept the things we cannot change;
    the courage to change the things we can;
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

    God bless Kenya!

  • Man

    I hate to do this, but here’s a quote from EU election observers on BBC:
    “Observers from the European Union said the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) had failed to ensure the credibility of the poll.
    “We believe that… the ECK… has not succeeded in establishing the credibility of the tallying process to the satisfaction of all parties and candidates,” chief EU observer Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said in a statement.
    British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said London had “real concerns at the irregularities reported by the EU observers and others”.

  • Ateka

    First I applaud you for the fabulous work on covering the Elections, You’ve been very effective and transparent and thats why you are unique and my best reporter :smile: .

    Secondly, I am disappointed with ECK They have misrepresented and failed Kenyan voters and a quest for atrue , fair and transparent results and thats intolarable . To me this is an act of cowardness and under no circmstance should we let this prevail .
    It is and will only be fair to mandate a recount, esp after all the inconsistency in tabulating the final votes analysis.

    Somehow, we all have to deal with this anguish but should not deter from PEACE, LOVE and UNITY for fair and just democratic state.

  • Maria

    The saddest part is that it does not matter what you and I say (ordinary Kenyans)…….Kibaki and his cronies are too arogant…..we do not matter.
    Kenya does not matter.

  • mogi

    US congratulates Kenyan president on re-election

    2 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US State Department Sunday congratulated Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki on his re-election, and called on all sides to accept the results despite opposition allegations of ballot fraud.

    “We obviously congratulate the president on his election,” department spokesman Rob McInturff told AFP.

    “Again we would call on the people of Kenya to accept the results of the election and to move forward with the democratic process,” he said.

    Kibaki was sworn in Sunday less than an hour after Kenya’s electoral commission announced he had defeated opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has accused Kibaki of stealing the election by rigging the tallying process.

    The result’s announcement triggered riots in bastions of Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement in the capital Nairobi and western Kenya.

    “I think the electoral commission in Kenya and the commissioner there would be the ultimate authority, and we would look to them to investigate any claims of fraud or mismanagement,” McInturff said.

    “That said we would also, given that the results are out, congratulate and support the president and look forward to working with the people of Kenya in the coming years.”

  • You know what makes me sadder, the fact that the very same people who investigated the violence Read Ruto and Kosgey move you with their pleas. Do you know to which extent ODM rigged the elections, it is as strange as Bondo with 102%

    Kibaki rigged for sure but they also tried to rig him out with the so called hatred against Kikuyus. We are totally hurt here.

  • sorry instigated the violence

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