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Kibaki declared winner on KBC -rumor confirmed!


I had actually been sitting on the rumor that I’ve just posted below for about 40 mins because I didn’t want to spread what I was hoping was falsehoods on my blog at this time.

Unfortunately, it was not a falsehood Kivuitu has just declared Kibaki the winner on KBC TV and asked ODM to go to courts.

This was almost certainly well choreographed.

Final tally announced 4,584,721 (Kibaki) 4,352,993 (Raila)

So I guess now we wait for a state of emergency.

I am in shock.

55 comments to Kibaki declared winner on KBC -rumor confirmed!

  • A Congolese

    Sad day for Kenyan democracy…

  • Linda O

    And this after a “blackout” at KICC where the rest of the press was kicked out!!

    Ory be safe! God Bless you all!

  • Samir

    I can’t believe this – I’m in tears now …

  • I am not giving up!

    This is just the begining of the disintegration of a society!

  • Catts

    Why are moving backwards??? I am in a loss for words.:shock::shock::shock:

  • Grace

    I am shaking…

    How is announcing the results this way good for the country?

    How do they plan to govern?

    I am weeping for my country, that the selfish desires of a few are being allowe d to dictate the futures of so many.

  • Ivory

    Kibaki is a looser and a selfish old cow – excuse my language pls. Im one very angry Kenyan . Im not Luo or a Kikuyu but I know kenyans have been cheated. Raila was the man to lead kenyan.

  • Vincent

    This is what we call “raping democracy”. How did Kibaki gather 200K votes in 12 hours? If this is what they call democracy in Kenya, then all irregularities should be scrutinized to the tee. SHAME ON PNU.

  • Samir

    How can he possibly rule without a mandate from the people ??? Is this 2008 ? This is worse than the old KANU days, back then there no pretense of democracy.

  • linnakat

    I’m an American living in Nairobi. We’ve also been watching the news coverage and also checking your blog regularly. I just want to thank you for your updates and information. Your knowledge and background has been invaluable for us in understanding what is going on.

  • Ivory

    Ory, you’ve been a star all through. Lets wait and see what happens next.

  • pat

    ory, thanks for the 411 over the past couple of days!! you’ve done more than the major local and international media houses rolled into one!! chapeau!! now…lemme grab that bottle of wine and attempt to drown my sorrows! kivuitu has just proved is inefficiency!!!

  • Fred

    Kibaki is evil to the marrow of his bones. He will shoulder the responsibility of what will follow. We will fight. Let people die for a better cause. It was Chinua Achebe who said: “heads must roll for every noble cause.” If we don’t act now, our children will have no future.

  • MIMI

    sawa. na maisha iendellee let us see how he will run the governmment.
    hope it will not be another period of instability and anxiety.
    God save Kenya

  • Rottuk

    it is painful to accept that change is never realized soon. Let us pray for peace.

  • On thursday, 27 December 2007, Kenyans left their homes, some in the wee hours of the morning, in darkness, to discharge their constitutional duty. Yes to vote.

    Never in the past has the country seen such a voter turn up. And boy, did they show their wrath on the outgoing non performing august house.

    However, the chaos that followed, the fiasco of the vote counting process all but plastered the results with BS.

    And now through massive rigging, Kibaki is declared the winner. This is the day that marks the return to the dark days and the demons of strongmanship and political armtwisting. Kenya weeps. Democracy raped. Kenyans given a president they do not want.

    Has Kibaki graduated from the Moi School of Machiavelian Politics?

  • sunshine

    Ory careful. What can we do but pray for kenya. It was getting better but it is unfortunate if the people responsible are willing to sacrifice what has been achieved in this stupid zero sum game.

  • bua

    Happy with the outcome and let the work continue. See you guys in 2012.

  • Ashley

    As Maathai said, recounting of presidential votes should be cheaper than the anxious aura present in the Republic. I’ve been watching on KBC and wondering if the guy sitting next to Kivuitu is James Orengo?
    I would like to hear from the international observers about their thoughts on this….

  • zizi

    they say the winner by 232000 votes. which is close to what may have been the doctored from the 48 constituencies.

    we pray for Kenya, so dissappointed about Kibaki. they knew what they were doing. what is the gentleman in Kibaki?

    I was really Kenyan. That is what I have told many people whenever I travel abroad and turned down offers to live in other countries. However, I started considering that option last week on a serious note.

    Sad day 4 kenya.

  • When an election is so wrought with irregularities it is a travesty to announce a “winner”. Even if your candidate is announced the victor, you are as disenfranchised as the next citizen.

    Riots and chaos are going on right now. Kikuyus and their supporters should remain indoors.

    The PNU folks are claiming that Raila will embark on civil disobedience to try to replicate the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

    I feel for Kenya, we were doing so well through the campaign and election day. Why oh why did it have to fall apart.


  • audrey

    to bua

    i wonder if there will be a 2012 for kenya.

  • baisikeli

    What a sad day for Kenya! I’ve been sitting here in the U.S anxiously watching the results and it is more than obvious that the election was rigged! I guess now we just wait for the declaration of Emergency :(
    Kibaki is the scum of the earth.

  • Don


    Don’t you think it shouldn’t be about the outcome but about the *process*!!! I think most people would agree if either party one fairly and transparently there would be no issues….

    Is it just me or did KBC not show the Q&A session after the ECK announcement but has just been playing a loop of the announcement of the results? I admit I am watching a free feed of KBC on http://www.jumptv.com as I am in the US, so not sure if it is the same feed guys in Kenya would see. They cut away from the press conference when one foreign reporter as Kivuiti whether he was just passing the buck to the courts….go figure…

    I cry for my country…

  • The Kenyan

    I am shocked dismayed and dissappointed with the ECK and the Kibaki group. They have treated the presidency like personal property and the Kenyan population as fools. People voted for change, they are now being forced to take a president they did not vote for. What a sad day for Democracy.

  • Fred

    To bua,

    Your myopic and tribal allegiance may blind you for now, but be assured that you will be the 1st casualty of the fire. Kenya will burn. It is Kibaki to make a critical choice.

  • Samir

    Why should they being an election in 2012 ? just give it to the next greedy guy in line (Uhuru)

  • Kenyan damu

    I hope Kalonzo and ODM-K are not planning to endorse this sham of an election. My fellow Kenyans, look at all the cabinet ministers who will sit pretty in Kibaki’s government – they shall be wiped out in the next election i.e. if Kibaki and his supporters let us have another election in 2012.

  • Now is the time to keep the grassroots coverage coming… since the announcement was made, all coverage (both mainstream and blogging) has totally fallen off the face of the earth… to my knowledge western media haven’t even picked this up yet (at least from what i can tell by scanning through google news).

  • Kenyan in the US

    Ory: I agree with an earlier comment that you have single-handedly (with a little help from your family) delivered more accurate and timely information than all the other news sources combined. We here outside Kenya are extremely grateful. Our pressing questions right now are (1) What are the international observers saying? (2) Is Raila going to show true leadership by asking for peace and calm, while Kenyans try to figure out how to deal with this rigged election?

  • P Kenya

    I am not ODM but in all fairness this looks likes it was rigged. Actually I supported Kibaki knowing full well he would lose. But I sincerely beleive that fairness and objectivity must prevail as he clearly is not the popular candidate. And no statement from him during all the chaos? It is we the people who would suffer, while the politicians and their families step into their planes and ran. Besides, it is we younger ones who will have to live with the legacy Kibaki is now leaving behind. All for what? Greed? I am very disappointed in him and it looks like he doesn’t have the interests of the country at heart.

  • Kenyan damu

    Sheely, by the way BBC Africa has reported Kibaki’s “win. ” They do talk about the complaints that accompanied the announcement but have stopped short of calling the elections rigged – at least for now.

  • The Kenyan

    No offense Kenyan in the US, but why should “Raila show true leadership by asking people foe peace and calm?” Kibaki and his croonies created the situation and they should figure out how to resolve it. When you create a monster you should be able to know how to deal with it when it attacks you.

    I feel sorry for the bloodshed that will be experienced, greed and arrogance has led to this shameful situation that Kenya has never experienced since independence.

  • Grace

    The issue is not whether either Kibaki or Raila has won or lost. The issue is whether Kenyans will trust the system or have faith in the government ability and willingness to protect their interests.

    That is why the ECK decision to announce the results from a hidden location to one broadcaster with a reputation of kowtowing to the government of the day is so troubling. Who except the truly partisan can have confidence with these results? How will all those who voted peacefully on Thursday ever again trust the ECK or the government to be honest arbiters in the electoral process? Why should they wait until 2012 to vote again when it has been shown to them so blatantly that their votes do not count?

    I am far from Kenya right now and safe, but I am terrified for my country.

  • Kibaki being sworn in right now at State House. Kivuitu is there, there are many people. KBC must have delayed the airing of the broadcast.

    Such such travesty.


  • Don

    I am watching the swearing in on KBC (www.jumptv.com) …feeling sick…they are starting “without the foreing ambassadors who haven’t arrived yet” because it is getting dark….crazy stuff….

  • A Congolese

    Some Western media follow the story: “France24” is carrying out regular updates every half-hour on the situation, with its correspondent, Ms. Anjali Nayer, on the ground in Nairobi.

  • Kabura

    A sad day indeed for Kenya’s young democracy. The millions who fulfilled their civic duty on the 27th have been let down. Thanks for the fantastic coverage Ory.

  • The swearing in may have happened earlier also.

    This is bizarre.

  • Raymond

    The election results that have been promulgated by the ECK are Dumpfounding !!!! Kenyans have purged a great number of cabinet members and were unequivocal intheir desire to get real change. What they are gettin in return, is a return of Moi style electioneering. I have been watching Africast(KTN) and your blog(congrats by the way) for the last few days.
    I am really saddened by what I have seen.
    May God help us all!!!

  • P Kenya

    I am also very terrified. If I had known this was what Kibaki was made of, then I would never even have entertained him as president. I just didn’t think he was that type of a person. Well I was wrong and he’s lost me for good, I just hope it’s not too late. Now it’s time to buckle up and…
    Those old men must be really damn and greedy. What have they done, in broad daylight? God help us all, I am going to Church right now…

  • audrey

    My question is my people is whats next?

  • audrey

    This man has been in politics since the ninetine sixties. Way before some of us were born when is enough enough.


  • Ish

    So disappointed with this sham of a swearing in ceremony held in such a cloak-and-dagger manner….I wonder how this compares to the triumph and jubilation in 2002?

    Was reminded that thieves have to do their theivery quickly and they have to do so under cover of darkness. Such an appropos description of the re-installation of this incumbent.

    Time to pray for our beloved country.

  • Ken

    sad day for African democracy. Yet again we have elections on the continent that leaves everyone guessing what the real results might have been. I wonder how Kibaki is going to govern with such a slim mandate – but then again it is Kenya, he will just co-opt the same ODM MPs that are saying bad things about him right now into another government of national unity.

    The backlash from this whole confusion is definitely going to be nasty.

  • A Congolese

    “Tafadhalini tuheshimiane” —so says Kibaki in his address that just concluded on KBC (jumptv)… Good luck!

  • Other parts of Kibaki’s speech. Captured as best I could.

    I stand behind you humbly and grateful for the opportunity you have given me to serve you for a second five year term.

    I thank all Kenyans who voted inlarge numbers in these elections.

    I thank you for the trust you have bestowed in my for renewing my mandate.

    I am confident that together we shall succeed in changing our country into a better home for all Kenyans.

    The elections were very closely contested.

    As a democrat I acknowledge and respec tthe right of .. Kenyans to chose candidates of their choice.

    The elections behind us now, I assure you all that I will serve all Kenyans equally irrespective of the candidate that the yvoted for.

    I urge everyone … to work together as one people with the single purpose of building one strong, united, …, and prosperous country.

    I wish to commend my opponents especially Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga, they campaigned strongly… Let us all work together to build consensus on issues of national inportance, including a new constitution and any matter…

    We have done our nation proud and set a good example for the rest of the continent through the conduct of free and fair elections.

    I am particularly pleased that millions of Kenyans in the largest voter turnout seen in the country chose to exercise their democratic right.

    I thank the ECK for remaining ocmmitted to the conduct of honest elections that have allowed the true verdict of the people.

    Time for healing and reconciliation among all Kenyans. We need to heal the differences that have been created amongst us.

    I urge all of us to set aside the bitter difference of opinions that prevailed during the election period and instead embrace each other as brothers and sisters. After all we all belong to one family of Kenya.

    I will shortly form a “clean hands” government. A new PNU government will incorporate affiliated parties and other friendly parties. I will ensure that youth and women are incorporated in government

    I will ensure development of all parts of the country equally.

    Fellow Kenyans you have given us a vote of confidence in …

    You have given us an agenda which we will see implemented in the next 5 years.

    Respect the peoples choice and maintain peace, law and order.

    In the last few days many Kenyans have had a hectic time in preparation for these events. I declare tomorrow Dec 31 a public holiday

    Thank you

  • Observer

    Anybody heard what Raila’s response is?

  • Joshua, Kilifi

    I voted for PNU.

    I feel deep shame for what has happened today.

    Kibaki and his entourage are nothing less than traitors to their country. To destroy what a people hold most dear – the right to determine their future – is unforgiveable. He will forever be remembered for that

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