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Update Jan 3 11:00 pm

We arrived safely in Joburg earlier this evening. The trip to the airport was one of the scariest moments in my life. Though we had planned to leave for the airport early in the morning even though the flight left late in the afternoon, winding up took much longer then we expected and we found ourselves left with only one route to the airport – Lenana Road to Upper Hill – then Uhuru Highway past Nyayo. Arwings Kodhek, Mbagathi, area around Kenyatta Hospital were already no go areas by 10:00 am with groups engaged in running battles with the police and walking around back roads harassing people. The drive was tense, each landmark felt like a small victory (actually the whole thing felt like an evacuation) – past DOD phew, past Nairobi Hospital phew, into Upper Hill phew, down Uhuru Highway phew, then we got to the roundabout that takes you into West when we saw a big mob approaching from Industrial Area and just about to walk right into a confrontation with GSU and police who are all over Nyayo Stadium. There was no conversation in the car until we reached the airport. If we had left the house even two minutes later we would have driven right into that mess. Five minutes after we passed by, there were gunshots in the area and Mombasa Road was a no-go area. Crazy.

About to collapse from exhaustion so here’s a quick update.

– Tutu met with Raila and other ODM leaders, but Kibaki refused to meet with him (I hear because Tutu didn’t follow protocol and met with Raila first….what???). Anyway, there’s no good reason for Kibaki ignoring Tutu and all this indicates that the government is ready to dig in.

– You’ve all heard about Wako’s press release by now. I’m still wondering who he was speaking for – himself? the government?

– Most of the police I saw today looked fatigued. A friend of mine who’s house was burned down in Olympic Estate says that the cops are just overwhelmed in Kibera and even the shoot to kill order, which has been heavily implemented, has failed to contain the violence in that area.

– Google Earth supposedly shows in great detail where the damage is being done on the ground. It occurs to me that it will be useful to keep a record of this, if one is thinking long-term. For the reconciliation process to occur at the local level the truth of what happened will first have to come out. Guys looking to do something – any techies out there willing to do a mashup of where the violence and destruction is occurring using Google Maps?

-Speaking of documenting truth, it also occurs to me that we have no reliable figures of the real death tolls on the ground. Perhaps we can begin to collect information from organizations and individuals on the ground e.g. red cross, hospitals, etc. and start to build a tally online, preferably with names. Most of the people losing their lives will remain nameless, and it might be worthwhile to at least change that. Any volunteers/ideas?

– One more thing…I think Safaricom and Celtel should start selling airtime directly to individuals online to help the guys in the diaspora get airtime to their families and friends. Perhaps bombard them with emails requesting this?

– Nyanza Province was under a curfew today.

– ODM plans to hold another rally on Saturday. I fail to see the point of these rallies…they’d be better off trying to assist people who have been affected by the violence. It is possible to fight a good fight.

– Bankelele has a good post that highlights why the conflict is about more than just Kikuyu vs. Luo (can the international media please catch up).

84 comments to Update Jan 3 11:00 pm

  • Abass

    Hi Orym happy to have you back save in Jobrurg. Apparently, news reports frommedia houses indicate that the rally hae being posponed to tomorrow (i.e Friday)? Also, no surprise the gov’t refused to meet Tutu. They have made it clear (through their mouthpiece Mutua) that they won’t accept any mediation as this is a ‘Kenyan affair’. Even Kufor has not come as was expected because the gov’t refused to invite him. Also, Kibaki spoke and as usual offered no meaningful solutions. He said that he is willing to engage in dialogue after the situation calms. Hint: He is not willing to engage in any form of dialogue until everything becomes normal. Raila has also backed down from his earlier condition of Kibaki resigning before any talks, reports The Standard. He said he is willing to participate in a unity gov’t for the sole purpose of calling for an election within 3 months.

  • Kenyan damu

    I too see no sense in continued rallying. ODM may have been wronged but they will acheive little with the rallies.

    ODMers (leaders) should focus on calming tempers and contining to push their solutions for the way forward which are quite good (ref. Raila). Doing so will earn them even more points against the govt.

  • Tesh

    Hello Ory ,

    I am glad you arrived safely and hopefully got some much needed rest.
    I just got a message from a friend in Magadi area . He said “Imagine we are now being attacked by Mungiki in Police uniform, haki things are growing worse nad I hate this politician coz they are doing nothing to protect us”.
    He continued to say that there ‘s gas and food shortage and that most families are fleeing to TZ.
    Wish you a good day.

  • Kenyan damu


    Perhaps I am despairing but at this point I feel that ODM may just have to take their seats in parliament and give PNUers hell for the next 5 years. That way, non-violent confrontation may continue as Kenyans return to some form of normalized existence. BUT…

    The electoral problems faced in 2007 will have to be dealt with. If we bury our heads in the sand, we shall breed an even more ferocious monster of violence that will consume us alleven more completely in 2012.

  • Maria

    Wako’s proposal ?……I smell a rat. Why now? Why a week later…

    Wako has never been known to be courageous nor prudent.
    If is he offering a vote re-tally,this should be approached cautiously – i.e. I sincerely hope that the prior records were kept intact !
    It would not be surprising if this process is used to legitimize doctored tally results. The saddest part is that the TRUST IS LOST.
    I am also wondering what the Kenyan law requires with respect to new ministerial appointments …..how soon should this be done after an election?

  • Dan Trubman

    Hello, I was just wondering if there were any good sites to get a detail narrative of whats gone down the last couple of days for those with a novice level of understanding of Kenyan politics. I find the blog interesting, but I feel like a lot is going over my head.

  • KM


    This is shocking! I beleive this is what wathii fm was trying to share with you. God Save kenya!

  • fran

    Conditions of any kind at this time are irrelevant…”elections after 3 months” What is needed as for now is how to end the senseless killings! And by that, means Raila an Kibaki meeting as well as asking their supporters to end violence….With Raila calling for rallies every other day will only tighten the already out of hand tension and violence..It is the high time to hold someone responsible now..

  • Hi Ory, thanks for the update, yours is one of the few blogs around devoid of hate speech in the comments section, and that is very much appreciated. I honestly don’t know what Kibaki is upto or who is (mis)advising him, but he really needs to change his uncompromising attitude. Raila has given in a little, and Kibaki needs to do the same. It is a shame that the government is denying just how bad the situation is. I read a story yesterday where Mutua was quoted as saying that the violence had “only” affected 3% of Kenyans, therefore, it wasn’t a big problem. Seriously! What’s 3% of 36 million people? Perhaps they’re waiting for a Rwanda-type situation before they agree to having mediators? I wish ALL our leaders would simply step up and show strong leadership. We need that now more than ever. Still praying for our country and looking for ways to help, even though I’m so far away.

  • Debaba

    Hi Ory, Thank God you are safe, aparantly the Us has also dispatched some delegates to Kenya for peace, some say the rally will be next tuesday, Raila went to the Moruary and saw the piled bodies of children, women and men, one reporter stated He shed tears, and as Abass has said He is willing to dialogue without any demands.

  • Christina


    Glad to hear you made it back safely.

    On documenting deaths – The Washington Post (and many other local papers in the US) currently posts pages of faces of soldiers who have died with information captions including their names, age, company and a brief description of where or how they died. Maybe we could get the same thing going on a site (or encourage the print media to do it) so that Kenyans can see how much potential we have lost and are continuing to lose through the death of each person.

    Family members and friends could send in similar details (pictures if any) of names, age, goals/dreams or something they were known for and when/where/how they died. If we could set up a fund that could allow anyone/anywhere who had lost a family member/friend to scan pictures and send this information along electronically to the site that would go a long way in encouraging more people to send in this information without the additional financial burden.

    I am not sure if Amnesty International already collects this data but it might be a good idea to see if other organizations like the Red Cross are already collecting information on the ground and are recording it or if they can encourage those they come across to record this information with the site at a local “Memorial Center”.

    In the current atmosphere of suspicion, I think it would be necessary to make clear that collecting this data would not be used for any adverse or retaliatory ones.

    I would be happy to give of my time and talents in an effort to remember every Kenyan who has died. Let me know and I can get some friends together too for a small Harambee to start a fund going!

  • Edwin Thomas

    It is clear by now Kibaki and Crew will Cling onto power no matter what, they will conntinue to play with people’s minds, before we know 5 years will be up and one of the boys in the group will do a repeat act.
    If he has chosen to ignore all international mediation of goodwill, Why are we wasting time with him. the only way he can conform will be by pressure from all corners, it is understood that the major generals, international community, Demonstrations and unfortunately the civil strive, the Social- economic standstill, and even his own community is exerting presure for a quick resolution.
    this guy is besieged, by his goons, (Sic) Biz/drinking buddies,his petty Bourguoses,his ego,etc and is ready to sacrifice the entire Kikuyu community to safegaurd his position.
    it is going to take something bigger than the international community, to bring change, and from my own assesment , it might be the army, or Mutiny from the inner Circle. Some of the inner circle can’t take what is going on.
    This is another Mugabe, either he will have to be removed by a higher force, or some bloody accident.

  • Hazel

    You can purchase airtime for your loved ones at home using http://www.mamamikes.com

  • Jacqui

    Glad you are safe.

    Can we also start to get information not just on the dead but where we have clusters of displaced who need help ? I know 15,00 in Koru, (many, many in Molo town . I am afraid the humanitarian response will be glacial unless Kenyans take it into their own hands. For us to start posting information could help raise awareness of this looming crisis.

  • Frank S

    Dear Ory,
    I would like to congratulate you on your efforts to inform the world at large of what is actually happening in Kenya. You are an exemplary journalist by the true definition of the profession. You are a true patriot and I salute you.
    Kind regards,

  • Ory, glad y’all made it to Joburg. Love the google earth idea, higher res images/time series from landsat, etc. may offer better data also… anyone have access to these?

  • brutha-man

    Happy to hear you are safe. man, that was god’s grace, scary! You have one of the best blogs covering the unfolding events…thanks.

  • I think the government will dig there heels in which is worrying, this election if not rigged has serious irregularities which must be dealt with ASAP. Kibaki’s henchmen must step down. I pray not for peace but for democracy because only democracy can guarantee peace in the long term.

  • amani jo

    there were irregularities in the election process, no doubt..
    people can and probably should protest.. even violently..
    but i still cannot explain why in many parts of the country everyone turned against kikuyus..
    i might be wrong but in such synchronized acts, there’s usually some leader(s)..
    -to reconcile people, explanations (thus investigations) on the violence (and obviously the electoral process) have to be done.. because violence might be over but the bitterness has to be treated too, for longterm sakes..
    -finally, i think that we should think of a different governing system eg. every province votes and the 8 leaders brought forward form a governing committee whose chairmanship revolves each year and after every one has had chairmanship , election are held once again.
    why? because in my opinion the 1 man president thing is really not working in africa where countries are made up of different communities/tribes with the differences that come along.That way every(one/ community) will feel represented.Mark you there’s even a problem in belgium which hasn’t had a govt for some months now, and which is made up of french and dutch communities – its not exactly the same case but..
    and lastly (really), its time to reduce illiteracy levels in kenya,

  • Googlemashup. I could try and come up with something but I need the altitude and longitude. if we can a volunteer to go round and pick the altitude longitude, then i can integrate them to a large interactive map.

    I suggest at the end of this saga we create a honours list and honour you bloggers who have kept us going in this rent-seeking period. I had hoped to use my web site for election reporting but you guys did a good job and so i didn’t see the need to distract readers.keep it up

  • Thank You Kenyan Pundit. How broke we are

    When I am on the road, Kenyan Pundit keeps me up to date. Asante
    When I get in the net, Kenyan Pundit, here I am. Asante
    When I blog my thoughts, back N forth to Pundit. Asante
    When you said you have to go, how broke I am, but. Asante
    When are we going to learn, Kenyan Pundit must not go. Asante
    It is NOW to write a cheque, then check out Kenyan Pundit fly. Asante
    All you have done the last week, we can never pay you, but. Asante
    For those who have not stepped into the world of Kenyan Pundit. Asante.
    Just imagine what you have been missing, so say it, yes, say it. Asante

  • napcity

    Celtel and safaricom cards are available at ‘http://www.getafrica.com’ the pins can be emailed or SMS’ed.

  • Kenyan mama

    mamamikes.com is seriously back logged at this point and its taking a few days to get the credit. The infrastructure is messed up so I agree we need to pressure safaricom and celtel to set up a link on their websites to allow us to buy credit for folks in kenya so that they can communicate.

  • Jac

    Thanks Ory for the coverage. Thank God you managed the journey back to Jo’burg safely – and with a little one too – gosh!

    Anyway, airtime…. problems. I’ve no idea why and it’s very out of character but mamamikes.com hasn’t delivered, sigh. I second the fact it’d be better if Safaricom and Celtel did it directly…. My bro is all out and can’t even get out to reload:cry:

  • jogany


    I’ve been your blog for a while and learned a lot from what has happenned really from your posts and the other bloggers’.
    I’m feeling relieved that you managed to get back to Joburg but I know your heart and thoughts have stayed in Kenya.
    We hope things will get better in your country and may no more killings and violences remain.

    Kind regards, jogany from Madagascar

  • BeleagueredIvyLeaguer

    As always, stay safe and keep us informed whenever you can. Without overstating it, clearly a lawless and warring Kenya presents unacceptable risks to the rest of the world’s geopolitics. Whether that is out of self interest on the part of these players or a genuine concern for the sanctity of human life is more complicated but because the stakes are so high, aI believe a solution will be found sooner than most people are willing to believe.

    Whichever way one looks at it, people’s aspirations have been violently subverted and self-determination has been dealt a coma-inducing blow. So even as we wait for the dark cloud to pass, I am less optimistic about our propects as a democratic nation. When the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, The Secretary to the Cabinet, the Foreign Minister, the Internal Security Minister and the Vice-president are all complicit in breaking the will of the governed and gutting human rights and lives through the tyrannical use of the instruments of state, I think we should all be shuddering about our own futures.

  • Mohamed

    this is really touching…the pain is shared in our hearts….


    Oh God bestow your mercy on Kenya!

  • Wannie

    Kibaki met with Tutu!

  • Raymond

    Is it just me!….How come its only the have nots who have been killed in Kenya? What happened to the Ukraine like Orange Revolution that would force the government to concede. All of the outcries that I see are worth nothing until we are all willing to peacefully engage in civil disobedience to bring the democratic space that we so yarn for. Let us not expect that people in Kibera will fight the tough fight for us only to reap the benefits. Who said democracy comes easy, do we sincerely expect that the weak, meek and poor will bring about the democratic space that we all seem to be aspousing for. Unless we are all willing to partake on a civil diobedience route, peacefully, I might add, we might as well let Kibaki and his cronies run that country for the foreseable future. I thought democracy was to be fought for by all and enjoyed by all. I must be naive, but then again if it can be done in Ukraine, why not Kenya?
    Prayer for all our citizens and country.

  • Ivory

    God save Kenya and Its our prayers that the two giants will come to an agreement so that we can focus on building this great nation of ours. The mouth is a very dangerous tool if not used cautiously, it can kill millions. I won’t dwell on what if Kivuiti didn’t make any announcements cos its too late for that now. We all know who’s responsible and its my believe that HELL is hear on earth. He will pay for all the bloodshed cos there is a GOD.

  • debaba

    Just watched BBC world, Eldoret the worst 180,000 people displaced, 2 cups of unga and 5 leaves of sukuma, why are thes leaders doing this? be it ODm, Kibaki and his mafia, are they seeing these happenings he thinks by taking a picture with tutu then all is solved? this hurts soooooooo bad.

  • paul

    :sad:After this election and its aftermath i have come to the conclusion that both Raila and Kibaki are arrogant, self serving, egotistical,small minded people. i have no respect for them at all until they stand together and decry the violence and ask for it to cease. Neither “presidential candidate” can convince me that they care for the common mwanainchi. to convince me otherwise, they need to leave the statehouse and their luxury hotel suites and go spend the night giving aid to those displaced in kibera, kisumu and eldoret. touring the city morgue and releasing press statements are meaningless when you are sleeping in the cold.:sad:

  • debaba

    Thought this article might be interesting

  • Anna

    The international media keeps emphasizing that all this is a “step back to democracy” (i.e. McKenzie at CNN interview with Tutu: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=3906861&cl=5821957&ch=4226714&src=news).

    If there was no democratic awareness, people wouldn’t have realized the injustice and stood up for their rights. Revolutions worldwide only could take place after the “simple man” opened his eyes, i. e. French Revolution, Russian, Germany and The Wall etc. Most democracies went through such processes.

    It doesn’t mean that I justify the violence at all.

    Civilization is a VERY THIN layer that protects us from our primitive instincts, even from ourselves. Disappointment, injustice, poverty, suppression etc. are very strong and deep emotions and the ingredients which are easily able to destroy this layer.

    Then it doesn’t matter against what and whom, it needs a vent. That’s what is currently going on and can only be really stopped if the masses feel that their voices are being heard and their demands are met. It’s not possible by using force, this will only suppress these emotions, throw oil into fire and delay solutions.

    We do need political action, we do need re-elections. Kibaki can not turn a deaf ear to the cry of the people.

  • Anna

    As we’re not in Kenya, we rely on the information flow by international media. They keep showing only the plight of the poor.

    This somehow gives us the impression that only the low social classes feel the injustice.

    Where are the BRAINS? What about any comments by them? If this is a national issue, shouldn’t they also be actively and visibly involved in peaceful demonstrations?

    Where’s the middle class? Who did they vote for? Maybe they haven’t felt the effects of the Kibaki-government so much?

    Normalcy? To what? Back to work, back to the daily life – back to the old system? Don’t they realize that Kenya is on the verge of a major process that could lead to real democracy? Don’t they see that the democracy which could change the lives of all Kenyans, is being paved ?

    WAKO WAPI????

  • Anna

    Latest updates from Yahoo.com


    Jendayi Frazer first held talks with opposition candidate Raila Odinga and then was meeting with President Mwai Kibaki, officials said. Kibaki was declared re-elected after a tally that international observations say was seriously flawed.

    “They discussed how to find a solution for this crisis in the country,” Odinga’s spokesman, Salim Lone, told The Associated Press after the talks concluded Saturday morning. Lone said Odinga repeated his call for a rerun of the Dec. 27 vote, but offered few other details.

    Isaiya Kabira, director of the presidential press service, said Frazer had begun meeting with Kibaki

    Attorney General Amos Wako has called for an independent investigation of the vote counting. The call from Wako, who is considered close to Kibaki, was a surprise and could reflect the seriousness of the rigging allegations.

    But Odinga’s spokesman, Lone, rejected the suggestion, saying his party had “no faith in any government institution.”

    German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul has suggested that EU aid to Kenya could be frozen if Kenyan officials spurn international offers of mediation.

    Such aid is only given for un-corrupt governments. Germany once again spearheads the international community on putting pressure on Kibaki’s Government!

  • Hi Ory, I”m in Joburg with some other Kenyans- would love to meet you. Email me.

  • jp

    Thanks for the insight and up to date coverage and glad you made it back!

    Its a one way communication ave right now, i ordered airtime airtime from three different sites: mamamikes, sambazanow and kenyatopup but nothing to date. Its been more than a week!!

    sambaza has a warning on their site about the delays but the others said nothing leading me to believe that my folks who are holed up somewhere in eld would get the airtime instantly!
    Safaricom, this is a humanitarian crisis for chrissake, step it up!!

  • Glad that you got back safely. I have heard some chilling stories about the Mungiki.

  • RK

    Having just come back to Joburg too from Kenya after voting and then witnessing the mayhem I am still wondering why the hell the 210 MP’s we just voted in have had nothing to say to their constituents? These people are supposed to be at the grassroots talking to the people who put them in parliament. Kibaki and Odinga are only two individuals and my gut feeling tells me that what we are witnessing is a problem that has been simmering for a long time under the surface and has now come to the surface, the election results were simply an excuse for what we have witnessed with neighbours who co-existed peacefully (or so we thought) now going at it with no regard for life whatsoever.
    Kenya needs to be careful not be used as a playground by the powers that be as they also have their own self interests in this arena. Lets come together and ask for God’s intervention in resolving this issue so as to never see a repeat ever! I recall reading once that the genocide in Rwanda had been occuring on a much smaller level years before what we saw in 1994 so lets not sweep this under the rug and heal our nation. God bless Kenya.

  • debaba

    hey guys, those of you abroad try to get it out there to anybdy who can listen to donate through redcross, eg http://www.redcross.ca , talk to people you work with to donate so that those displaced my get food and shelter, I have reached out to some radio stations in canada and some churches and they are responding well, and you too whoever can donate through redcross online or by phone, it is the only most reliable NGO rihgt now.

  • Thank you for the great blogging. I am following the sad situation closely and am working hard to raise awareness and money. Please join the facebook group I have created to help spread the word.


    Thank You,
    Hussein Fazal

  • Mzalendo#2

    Hey guys, can someone tell me if there are any plans to also evacuate non-PNU people (mostly Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins) from dangerous areas in Central and Eastern Provinces? I know the army was deployed in the Rift Valley to protect displaced people and all, and that some people have been evacuated from north rift to Nairobi and Central, but what about evacuations in the other direction?

    Second, is there anyone tracking what has happened to ODM supporters in PNU strongholds? Much as I deplore the violence against PNU supporters in ODM strongholds, there’s a big gap in reporting about any reprisal attacks and what could have happened or is happening deep in PNU-land. We might just wake up to a massacre of unimaginable proportions if no-one keeps track of all the trouble spots.

  • debaba

    had one cousin in thika, she stayed in a church and somehow with God’s Grace someone smuggled her to nairobi where my her bro is, According to sources from there the police have only been deployed to aid PNU members so far. What should be expected? the government right now is PNU???????? No incitement form my side, I am a Kenyan with no tribe, just by blood.

  • Dear Ory,

    I am glad to hear that you and your family made it safe to Joburg. I have followed your blog earlier on, and in particular after the elections. Your blog have been a good place to get decent and detailed information. Thanks for that. I have indeed appriciated your committment to inform and give a nuanced picture of the situation. – In spite it is far from easy.

    I’m Danish – have worked for an NGO, for some years in Uganda/Sudan, now in Tanzania.

    What is happening in Kenya is absolutely terrible. But – I have found the way people have used the blogs for dialogue and information a very healthy and strong sign. I am really impressed by this committment and reaction!


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