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Update Jan 3 4:45 am

– For those who are asking about other blogs that are covering the situation in Kenya. Hash has a comprehensive list.

– For those who are looking for the Redcross link, here it is. I’m really just stunned by the fact that the government is not even attempting to avert the humanitarian crisis – there’s no talk of shelters, no talk of relief supplies, zero. They can sit and blame ODM all they want (though it seems to me both sides are willing to sacrifice innocent lives), but at minimum they have the resources to alleviate the suffering of those who have been displaced and they’ve done nothing. Have heard reports that Kikuyus in Eldoret are being offered GSU escort out of the area to Central Province – nothing about what happens when they get there and nothing about those people who’ve grown up in Eldoret and know no one in Central. I think there’s an opportunity for those who want to help to find a way to channel resources to charitable organizations and religious organizations that have been struggling to cope on the ground. Will think about this on the plane and I’m open to suggestions (leave a comment or send an email: kenyanpundit-at-gmail-dot-com).

– For those who are asking whether Mzalendo will be updated with information about the new MPs, yes it will though it might take some time since M and I are juggling lots of other responsibilities.

– For those who are asking about the presence of Ugandan troops in Kisumu and Rift Valley, several sources have indicated to me that Ugandan troops are working with Kenyan government forces but this has yet to be officially verified. Joseph Karoki has more on the story.

– Kenyan jurist on why the courts are not an option.

39 comments to Update Jan 3 4:45 am

  • Kenyan damu

    Let us give hope a voice. I just want to take this opp. once again to request Kenyans to read the story “RAILA TAKES THE LEAD IN SEARCH FOR A WAY OUT” – The Standard.

    The story is flying under the radar and the potential of his proposals to get us out of the muck we find ourselves in is immense.

  • msw

    Great commentary on Nation — I n my opinion this is the best article I have seen come out of them given the crisis. If only both leaders could think this way

    Blogs — mashada has a good consolidation of blogs kenyanpundit the people’s favorite is there.

    My humble thoughts on what we can do:
    1) Continue to support NGO’s with donations

    Only the kenyan people can rebuild the country, we can not solely rely on ngo’s and foreign aide. There are immediate things that can be done. y.

    We need to physically hit the streets and go to these affected neighborhoods and help out. One day of everyone volunteering could change a life. Go hand out clothes, hand out food, paint a house, help put up a house.

    Churches and local groups should mobilize their congregations and get throngs of people donating and distrubiting clothes, water, food, cell phone credits

    Corporations should donate supplies to help rebuild the country (timber, paint, donate intellectual expertise, donate transportation. Corporations should mandate a volunteer day where every employee shows up and helps the community.

    Set up drop centers in neighborhoods where people can donate things and people who need can collect.

    Those outside of the country… SEND MONEY, support your family members and most importantly URGE them to get out and support their communities in person.

    Ory — safe travels and many thanks again

  • Ory,

    I just read an amazing entry in WM’s Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman blog. She has an amazing entry entitled Enough! that I think we all should read.


    Here’s an excerpt:

    The drunken man in a bar in a PNU stronghold who leeringly raised his glass to me in celebration of the government being “ours as usual” should, as he nurses the inevitable (and I hope excruciating) hang-over, ingest with his Panadol the human costs of maintaining the feudal principality of Kikuyustan–especially when other people would rather live in Kenya. Where does he think he will flee to, when the flames of discontent spread, as they inevitably will unless we come to our senses?

  • Lemayian


    Thanks for keeping us well informed on the goings on, on the ground. I think things may get worse before they get better. My opinion is that the common mwananchi is fed-up with the elite stealing the only power the had – the power to vote. The bloodshed is so unwanting and cannot believe this is happening in our country – but I think Kenyans are fed-up of the corruption and rigging. Lets hope they come to a interim political solution as ODM has alluded to, and this may quelch the wanton killing and tribal replisals.


    Be blessed Ory and safe trip, your on going public service and work is truly appreciated!!

  • from Obama

    From: Obama for America Correspondence Team

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting me. I have been deeply troubled by the recent news out of Kenya. The instability and tragic violence pose an urgent and dangerous threat to the people of Kenya, and to Kenyan democracy. My family’s thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered, and to the families of the victims.
    The Kenyan people have a proud history of supporting the growth of democracy in their country. Their thirst for democracy was on display in this most recent election, when they turned out to vote in record numbers, and in a peaceful and orderly way.

    Despite irregularities in the vote tabulation, now is not the time to throw that strong democracy away. Now is a time for President Kibaki, opposition leader Odinga, and all of Kenya’s leaders to call for calm, to come together, and to start a political process to address peacefully the controversies that divide them. Now is the time for this terrible violence to end.

    Kenya’s long democratic journey has at times been difficult. But at critical moments, Kenyans have chosen unity and progress over division and disaster. The way forward is not through violence – it is through democracy, and the rule of law. To all of Kenya’s people, I ask you to renew Kenya’s democratic tradition, and to seek your dreams in peace.

    Thank you again for contacting me, and for your concern.


    Barack Obama

    Paid for by Obama for America

  • Thursday 2008-01-03 08:56 EAT: There are running battles between GSU and ODM supporters on Ngong Road. Tear gas and guns. Petrol stations have been broken into. They tried to break into Uchumi Hyper but there were rebuffed by armed guards.

  • Charles

    IMHO, “there will be no peace without justice”. The results of the election must be published as a start. Then a body agreeable to both groups should scrutinize the results expeditiously. We need the truth in order to safeguard our democracy and end the fighting. If “the grey” areas of the election results are not addressed, we will be sowing seeds of a genocide, which could occur now or in the future.

    Of immediate concern right now is for leaders of both PNU and ODM to go out to the grassroots and calm their supporters.

    An interim GNU would help via which framework a new constitution can be put in place and elections held in 2 years time.

    Add your voice to this petition and post it to as many people and forums as possible.

  • Mzalendo#2

    You all know, of course, that Nyanza is now under curfew? I’ve jsut spoken with two people–one in Bondo, the other in Migori–and both say that the towns are under curfew and they’re not allowed to come out of their houses, otherwise they’re shot on sight. This is presumably to prevent them from joining in the Million Man March. The effect is that they can’t even go shopping or to fetch water! What is this government thinking?

  • Aunty Mimi

    Ory I pray you and your family arrive safe…

    Meanwhile- I have just been told the rally was called off, and Desmond Tutu is meeting ODM Pentagon (not confirmed)

  • wathiifm

    If u have google earth,turn it up and see for yourselves the damage on the ground

  • Hi Ory,
    Tried to send you this link to a petition lakini for some reason my email isnt working (am not being a conspiracy theorist). Its a petition for the resolution of the electoral crisis.

  • CB

    The Nation conveyed governnment statements yesterday that the army was deploying to deliver humanitarian relief — and only that. The government spokesman claimed that there was nothing “exceptional” in the military taking this role. Is that not actually happening? What is the army up to? It seems to me that massive insistence on the “Rwanda analogy” that we are seeing in the Western press might make a handy justification for consolidating the current state of affairs under the pretext of “internal security.”

  • KP thanks for the good work. The government has set aside 500m for relief but I hope it wont be like relief food. Rally has been pushed to Tuesday. Some people air lifted to Nairobi.

  • Millitary escorting 10 buses carrying people who are fleeing from Eldoret to Nairobi.

  • Joseph Karoki does indeed have more on that story. Unfortunately only part of the Uganda spokesman’s words are quoted.
    The Standard’s full story from yesterday can be found at http://allafrica.com/stories/200801020841.html.
    The omitted words were: “He told The Standard on telephone: “The deployment is along our borderline, not to give any kind of military backing to President Kibaki. We are not mercenaries for anyone.””

  • Kenyan damu

    Surely nobody could possible be happy with what the violence is doing to Kenya.

    The violence and suffering could end today if Kibaki agreed to a new presidential election. The onus is on the govt. to stop the violence once and for all.

  • acolyte

    At least Raila is trying to say something but where is Kibaki, this is his time to show that he is a true leader. He is in power and it is time he used that power to help the country.
    As for those being escorted out of Rift Valley, it is really sad. I do hope for the best for them.

  • Kenyan damu

    Attorney General Amos Wako has broken his long silence. He believes that the concerns raised about the veracity of the vote counting are serious enough to warrant a re-tally by an independent body agreeable to both sides.

    Unfortunately, we already know that 16A forms are missing from KICC’s safe. Wako should have called for a fresh presidential election.

  • Keep up the great blogging. Here in Canada the mainstream press is devoid of information. Sad. The only source of new sis the blogosphere……

  • robert

    Did you know that ODM rigged too? Is PNU worse because they rigged and won?

  • robert

    Notable quote
    The message the VP had for Mr Raila Odinga, the ODM presidential candidate, whose camp believes President Kibaki stole their hard-earned victory: “You want to lead Kenya and I have no doubt that you have the ability to do so. You must be prepared to uphold and even extend democracy. Democracy is cumbersome, it is slow and bureaucratic but ultimately, it is the only fair system”. Democracy has its institutions and structures. I am not telling you anything you don’t know. You know more than I do. These institutions and structures must be upheld and respected. ECK is one. The Judiciary is another. They must be used at all times and not selectively. That is the law”.

  • CCM

    My Dear Kenyans,

    I was greatly disappointed by the results, but l have to say that we should not loose hope. It is very hard to say this especially looking at another 5 long years. Let me tell you something, for those who have kids, 5 years is almost a blink. My daughter is almost 4 and l cannot believe where the years went to. This situation should be a lesson to all of us. We Kenyans are very educated and intelligent. We all need to take good notes, unite even more and prepare for the next elections. I am sure greater leaders are yet to emerge – Please don’t loose hope. Look at the countries in Africa, do we really want this – wars, that just destroy the entire country: the Kenyan moral, its infrastructure and create further division? Do you really think Kibaki will step down? Do you think the results will be overturned? Do you think Kibaki cares if the elections are not recognized by UK or USA or by YOU? We need all these people alive so that we can have a stronger vote. Has it occurred to anyone that what if it was the other way round – would you want to be killed so that you are not around in 5 years?

    Kenya is considered as a very good stable country. Residing overseas has made me appreciate life and my country – For those who voted for Kibaki – or those who contributed to any malicious act, you need to start evaluating each candidate on key issues one by one and not their tribe, the benefit is not to the community but your individual family.

  • Sijui

    Good news that transpired today, let’s continue to keep the momentum:
    1) Amos Wako comes out with the statement ‘supporting’ an independent vote tally= rare show of principle on his part; an ounce of backbone=facade around PNU hardliners is beginning to crack and perhaps the first sign of disintegration, I doubt highly that Wako is the lone ranger on this perhaps consensus is beginning to build within PNU circles
    2) 85 MPS stated their stand; ODM should use this as a barometer of parliamentary allegiances………..they should focus on peeling off weak support and perhaps a coalition with ODM-K. Raila SHOULD NOT antagonize Musyoka, instead he should try to build an alliance of convenience, Musyoka can be given incentives especially if he is convinced that the Kibaki govt/VP slot is very, very short term……..
    3) Raila meets with Tutu, agrees to international mediation. There is momentum for an independent re-count or tally with Tutu overseeing it, AG has already provided LEGAL JUSTIFICATION, let us sieze on this and build momentum……

    Enough with the hand wringing, SOLUTIONS are in sight if we actively support them!

  • sunshine

    Will miss your updates. Thanks for what you did during the time that you stayed behind to do all those updates despite the fires burning around. I am just feeling quite saddened by what has happened in our country and wondering if it is possible to have democracy at all when tribal allegiance still rule. Many of us will ignore a wrong if it is done by our clansman. I am certain misconduct and gross abuse of citizens rights will carried out again in the future and others will retaliate especially since it appears that it will be along time before we have leaders who rule our country and leave all feeling fairness and justice has been meted equally to all citizens. I am in overseas andthinking seriously of the role that i should play at home. Out here Kenyans and others often complain of racism but i think racism is nothing compared to our arrogance and ignorance. Ours means death by hacking and any other violence that we can inflict while seeking to have or hold onto the national pie.

  • http://www.africanews.com has some new movies made by mobile reporters from Nairobi

  • Re your question on where to donate…
    If you’re in the States, you can send a check to the International Federation of the Red Cross (ifrc.org) in New York and on the the memo line, make sure that you put “Kenya Red Cross: Kenya Crisis” so that the money goes to these efforts. They’ll pass the money on to the KRCS. The address is
    800 Second Avenue
    Suite 355, 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10017

    I’m also trying to see if there are ways in which people can make an online donations and once I get that info and verify it, I’ll post that and also send you the link.
    Stay well and thanks for the updates Ory.

  • Steve

    robert said
    […The message the VP had for Mr Raila Odinga…] I thought Awori wasn’t even elected how can he be VP?

  • KOI

    I think Raila is doing all he can to calm the situation. As the sworn-in President (albeit not the people’s), I think Kibaki should be at the forefront of calling for an end to the violence.
    When wananchi voted, that was their way of getting their voice heard. They have endured the existing inequalities and the polls of the 27th was their one ray of hope. Finally, they could speak and hopefully today would be the beginning of the long-awaited change. To see their chance at a new life get snatched away because of the greed of a few was too much to bear. Even if Raila bows out and concedes defeat, I think those who feel they were personally wronged on the 27th will continue to be mad and sad to say…but this might not bring an end to the violence.

  • Duncan Kioko

    enya belongs to Kenyans not politicians who think that Kenya is on their shoulders. Tell the politicians and the hooligans who are crisscrossing the country defying the law, and rigging votes that they shall not hold us- Kenyans down- we will not accept to be used in any way to fuel ethnic violence and be stepping stones for politician’s personal and political gains. We want our peaceful nation back; we want sanity and unity back. We want to get back to work.

    And for YOU Kenyans being used by politicians to cause mayhem and blood spill, let me tell you incase you ain’t aware, these politicians will trade insults today and tomorrow they form a coalition, we have seen them in the past, then you? they tell you to fight for them and when they achieve there goal, you will never see them again for entire 5 years. ‘You are nobody- I mean nothing.’ And every time you throw that petrol bomb, you are sentencing yourself to two weeks without clean water to drink, a house for you and your family, and no food, while the politician is in the comfort of his hotel, enjoying a luxurious ride around the world from the comfort of his house. They enjoy health care service by a phone call while you are languishing in pain because you got wounded while protesting and there is no health centre open. You are running up and down while they are driven around in limousines. There children and families are abroad while our families are the one being killed and our mothers and sisters raped at gunpoint and then
    killed by hooligans, our homes are burnt while their homes are guarded heavily.
    Change now, Don’t take part in any acts of lawlessness, Take care of Kenya, save this country for yourself, your family and your children’s children in years to come.
    REMEMBER; This country is greater than anybody’s personal selfish ambitions, don’t let them use you to ruin what you have worked tirelessly to build; you ruin Kenya, you ruin yourself, and the politician will fly away, and you? You can’t afford a plane ticket; you are left languishing in poverty.


    By: Duncan Kioko,
    Email: frelovedan_2@yahoo.co.uk

  • fran

    Until Kenyans change their mindset………….
    God bless kenya

  • Jan

    minva xavyd Jan

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  • Witam, bardzo ciekawy wpis. Czekam na jeszcze.

    Pozdrawiam .

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