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Post-media blackout update Jan 2 12:15 am

– Kivuitu admits to acting under pressure. The story was apparently up on the Standard website, but is no longer available there (haven’t verified this) [edit – article available on the standard here, and on Youtube here]. Just in case, save the text somewhere. How was he compromised? Why couldn’t he have resigned? Why didn’t he just let them collect the certificate by force? When he was cracking jokes at the swearing in ceremony he certainly did not look like he was surprised or acting under duress. This sounds like some serious backsliding of a man with a guilty conscience to me – he did not, for whatever reason, anticipate the magnitude of his actions or he was paid to throw this thing…who the hell knows, but this change of heart will not absolve him from the fact that he (along with other so-called leaders) abdicated his duties and has the blood of thousands of innocent Kenyans on his hands. Ati, his fear was that he didn’t what people to “call him a coward”? Mr. Kivuitu, being called a coward at this point in time would actually be very very charitable. What a selfish selfish selfish and costly act.

– Some of the most vivid and disturbing images I’ve seen of the situation on the ground are available at Joseph Karoki’s blog.

– Why a full recount won’t be possible (from a journalist source): “I asked at the EU EOM press briefing this morning if a complete recount were at all possible, and they said no – a lot of the ballot boxes have been tampered with. The only thing that would be possible is a retally – i.e. take the documented constituency tally and count up again for the national figure. However, obviously this is not going to deal with issues like significant differences between presidential and parliamentary votes in individual constituencies, EU observers being turned away from different polling stations, and extremely high voter turnout. So even if the government agreed to a a retally (unlikely, obviously), this could resolve some issues, but by far not all – so in the end, any solution would have to be political.

– No power in Kisumu, so people can’t charge cellphones and let guys know how they are doing.

– Comment of the day: Yes. It is extremely important for both Kibaki and Raila to place the citizens and the country before their own power-hungry egos. This is insane. The whole country is being destroyed. For what? Who cares who is president. As a foreigner who has no tribal association here I have absolutely no respect for either of these politicians. They are both the same, not worth a single lost life. Both men are bad for Kenya. You need a real leader with real ideas. These fools are not worth the violence.”

120 comments to Post-media blackout update Jan 2 12:15 am

  • Foreigner,

    You are oblivious of the Kenyan dream, so you won’t understand the frustrations guys are going through. Yes it does matter who the president is. Period

  • M

    Ory, Here is Kivuitu`s admission!


    I acted under a pressure, says Kivuitu

    Published on January 2, 2008, 12:00 am

    By Isaac Ongiri

    On Tuesday night, Mr Samuel Kivuitu made a damning admission that he announced results of the fiercely contested presidential election under pressure.

    The announcement plunged the country into a post-election violence of a scale never witnessed before.

    The magnitude of the Electoral Commission chairman’s admission and the further dent on the credibility of the election was captured in his answer when asked if indeed President Kibaki won the elections: “I do not know whether Kibaki won the election”.

    Kivuitu continued with his stunning revelations when he said he took the presidential election winner’s certificate to State House, Nairobi, after “some people threatened to collect it while I’m the one mandated by law to do so”.

    “I arrived at State House to take the certificate and I found the Chief Justice there, ready to swear-in Kibaki,” Kivuitu said.

    On claims that he was under undue pressure to declare results, Kivuitu said: “Some PNU (Party of National Unity) and ODM-Kenya leaders put me under pressure by calling me frequently, asking me to announce the results immediately”.

    President Kibaki ran for re-election on a Party of National Unity ticket, while Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, made his bid on an ODM-Kenya ticket. Mr Raila Odinga, who has said he was robbed of victory, ran on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket.

    On Tuesday, Kivuitu said the alleged pressure to declare results came in the wake of parallel pressure from a number of ambassadors from the European Union countries and Mr Maina Kiai of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights not to announce the results until complaints, which arose, were addressed.

    “I had thought of resigning, but thought against it because I don’t want people to say I’m a coward,” he said. The embattled ECK chairman made the revelations shortly after meeting with 22 ECK commissioners.

    On Tuesday, Kivuitu conceded that matters that arose from the poll results were so urgent that they should be taken to court, and the ruling done with minimum delay to ease national tension.

    Court settlement

    “If this matter is finally taken to court, the ruling should be made urgently so that if it were decided that Raila is the President, so be it. If it is Kibaki, so be it,” he added.

    Kivuitu said he made the decision, whose far-reaching implications are now being felt across the country. He said he announced the results because the commission had no legal mandate to investigate complaints raised by the opposition immediately.

    Kivuitu fell short of naming the individuals from the two parties — PNU and ODM-Kenya — who coerced him to announce the disputed poll outcome, but went on to announce that the commission was consulting eminent lawyers over the next course of action “so that its actions remain within the law”.

    The EU observer team has discredited the poll results and urged for an independent audit.

    On his part, Kivuitu said he backed independent investigation into what may have happened, but added that this would be only if the law would provide for it.

    “We are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went wrong,” the chairman said, stunning local and international journalists, who had gathered at his Nairobi residence.

    It has also emerged that some countries concerned with the poll outcome, like South Africa, had sent in their electoral officials to the country.

    Kivuitu said the officials would be arriving on Wednesday “to look into the matter”.

    On Tuesday, Kivuitu was in a meeting with his 22 commissioners, which his deputy, Mr Kihara Muttu, described as “a house-keeping meeting”.

    In a signed statement, the 22 commissioners condemned the violence, which up to last night had claimed the lives of about 300 people.

  • jackie

    that story was there, saw it, the next minute it was gone.
    kalenjin.net managed to copy it to their link.
    check it out.
    its sounds too good to be true if you ask me. i dont think Kivuiti can come clean like that

  • Aly

    FT.com is reporting that Gordon Brown is proposing the creation of a unity government.


    IMO as much as this likely was Raila’s presidency, the way to move forward is for ODM to agree to dialogue without pre-conditions for the greater good. It is really PNU that is holding the country hostage but ODM does not have much choice.

    Remember Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Pinto.

  • Raymond

    Its a shameful act that these commissioners are only coming out now after thousands of Kenyans have been displaced and hundrends killed. These guys have no human decency and are infact culpaple to the death of all those Kenyans. I just readthe Kivuitu story on the Standard about 30 minutes ago and now I cannot even get it(They must have yanked it!!! that is interesting in itself)
    He claimed that he was under Pressure from PNU and ODM-K leaders to announce the results and that somebody threatened to come pick up the certificate. So when he opted to take it to State house, he found the CJ ready to swear in the President.

  • The EA article is still up:


    Keep up the good work.

  • Ssembonge

    Here is the video of Kiviutu’s interview


    Wait until 3 min into the clip.

    He seems unrepentant, if you ask me.

  • Aly

    Re: comment of the day – your perspective is condescending and irrelevant. Do you propose a “real leader” like Bush? Please get with it. The reality is that Kibaki and Raila have both paid their dues. The question is whether “Big Man/Mutukufu” politics will give way to consensus politics. In the interim, hundreds of Kenyans are paying with their lives and property. The fracture will take decades to heal – all because of Kibaki’s ego.

  • KenyanPride


  • Grace

    On Saturday (or was it Friday) as I watched Kivutu on KBC talking about returning officers who ‘were not answering the phones’ and who may be ‘cooking’ and later as I watched and read about his attempts to announce the results even as there were protests concerning their validity, the name I came up with was ‘Pontius Pilate’ in the sense that he seemed to be washing his hands. After reading that standard article, I no longer know what to think.

    Why have so many people, who had good reputations both locally and internationally all compromised themselves or allowed themselves to be so thoroughly compromised during this election? What is it about Raila’s election that has them all so terrified? I am beginning to think that maybe we do need Raila in the statehouse, that there is more going on here than we can even begin to understand.

  • debaba

    Right now it is the two egos who need to talk, Kibaki should stop for one second and think of those who voted for him in the first place, how can he stand there and watch them die, Ego??? If he is realy a patriotic kenya and a humanitarian then he should put his country before greed and power, and for Raila He should be the bigger man and try to calm things down Raila has the power to stop this tragedy. Everybody knows the presidential election was flawed, so how about trying other legal means like vote of no confidence??????? Lord we need you, our people are falling down like flies, our innocent childre, I do not care who or whee to me human life is human life and that is how God
    almighty made it, shame o you greedy politicians

  • debaba

    Spoke to my iece stuck in Buruburu, anybody knows if any planes are flying anywhere? also heard that there are almost 70,000 homless kikuyus in nairobi streets, this thing has spread so wide in Ahero all the kikuyu shops and businessess have been burnt down some killed some of my relatives are hiding some of their friends, Spoke to my friend in lower kabete one word mambo mababaya sana and tomorrow might be worse, then phone went dead, rumours mungiki is on mayhem right now, hooligans raping, sodomizing and kiling women and children, what can we do to help, I am trying to find a way that we can demonstrate as kenyan here where I am to see what happens, but it is very hard as people are unpreictable, I am a patriotic kenyan and has always been and has never known what a tribe is.

  • Christina


    Thank you for pointing out something that had occurred to me a while back, but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on.

    Years ago I worked with John Githongo and I knew him as an honest, hard-working man, full of integrity, so when my govt. started discrediting him I asked, what else are they hiding because they seem to be intent on destroying the reputations of those few who have gotten close enough to actually see who and what they(the govt) are doing. I believe its called “unmasking the :evil:”

    I am not so naive as to take the govt’s word on everything, and I think Kenyans have been doing the same. (Kibaki should take note – his speeches since Sunday have been a turn-off, especially because they do not acknowledge the immense suffering around him that HE has caused by his actions!) Kivuitu’s “confession” appears to be a “Judas confession”, not illicited from a true contrite heart, but from one who has been caught in the full glare of what he has done and now wants to “share and pass along the blame” to others in the hope that he will be spared the full wrath of the people.

    What a poor example of Christian living! I hope Kivuitu’s conscience (assuming he has not gotten rid of it yet) keeps him up all night and all day!

  • Catts

    Here is a video currently of Eldoret burning up. It’s sad to see the Kenyan people have to suffer like that.


  • Laura

    Someone correct me if I am wrong. Are these not Makerere products? Makerere be damned!

    Grace, I have to second you and third you on that one. I just finished a conversation with my brother in which I was telling him that Kivuiti seems to be sending out a desperate message in some of his statements/dodgy-oh-not-so-funny old-man-jokes.

    On one hand, he had clearly commented on the shenanigans voicing his concerns that there was “cooking” going on, in another instances he is purpoted to have handed over the certicate to Kibaki with words of these effect, ” Let me give it to you, before another fake president comes to claim it”. Emphasize on ANOTHER fake president. Question? Who was the first fake president? And then finally, he kept urging the dissenters to take their griveances to court. On the third issue I share Raila’s concern about the partiality of the Judiciary, however, if there is no requirement in the ECK legislation providing for investigation of any perceived dubious acts, such as those recently witnessed in the past election and there is a provision allowing for Judicial Review, then I believe the dissenters must endevour to follow this avenue if they are to obtain some semblance of redress.

    Call me naive, but ECK Commissioners have come out of the woodwork calling for Judicial Review as well, me thinks they might have some loaded arsenal with which to pelt this rogue regime and if their evidence is to be taken seriously it must be adduced in the right forum otherwise it’s all going to be heresay. God help us all for these are trying times.

  • Kenyan damu

    A sincere Kivuitu would have stepped down. Kenyans have returned M.P.s who resigned from government to parliament which proves we don’t automatically label resignees as cowards.

    His subsequent actions were worse than those of a coward. They were those of a traitor; a traitor acting against democracy.

  • Munyambu

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop of things. I found this passage interesting for the sake of peace in FT.COM

    “They need to act in conjunction with the US, the UK and its European Union partners. They should exert pressure on both sides to annul the results of the elections and create some sort of government of national unity pending a new poll.

    It should be made clear to Mr Kibaki that his government is illegitimate. If he refuses to accept that, the western powers should suspend programme aid and devote the money to emergency relief and supporting any more muscular AU intervention. Visas should be refused not only to corrupt officials, but to Mr Kibaki and his team.”

  • Judith


    IT seems that Aljazeera is reporting that the Thursday Rally planned by ODM has been cancelled.


  • Mimi

    Ory- any word of NGOs/ UN attemps to bring in food/ water to areas hardest hit?

  • sunshine

    How long is the government going to keep the media shut out? would’t it better to let various community leaders talk to their people and tell them to stop shedding innocent blood because it will come around back to them again.

  • As much as I too believe that the election was probably rigged and the distasteful manner in which PNU did the swearing in. I hope that Raila rises above the fray and shows that he can be as statesman. 300 lives is 300 lives to many. I havig been more inclined to support him,wish the ODM leaders could follow the rule of law and go to court after which other options may be considered. This being a matter of great urgency and interest to all, it can be heard immediately and a ruling made expeditiously.Whether or not the court is packed with Kibaki cronies is not important. He needs to show that he can be a leader and follow the rule of law even when deeply wronged.

    What are we going to do at Uhuru park on Thursday? Count votes? We need the letter of the law. Mandela went to court first before looking for other means,the orange revolution in the Ukraine first went to court and only came out to support the process. How can Raila show that he is person who can swear to defend a constitution(be president) when he does not want to follow? He needs to exhaust all legal means. Kibaki has a lot to answer for, but Raila has the chance to show that he is a true leader. I leave you with this concession speech after Al gore had exhausted all LEGAL means to get a back a stolen election.This is what real statesmen do, rise above the fray or we all perish. It is not about who is president anymore, it is about if we will still have a country.

    By accepting a faulty election, Kibaki has shown that he can not rise above the fray, Can Raila show us something different, or was I wrong about him all along?

  • M. W

    There are too many people with too much to loose.

  • E

    Foreignor, your comment is ridiculous. How can you suggest that it doesn’t matter who is president. It matters to those who spent hours in queues waiting to vote and to those who have been dreaming of a change- those who for just one short moment in their lives have the power previously denied them. You do not understand the situation and would probably react differently if this was your country. Unless of course you usually do not vote…

  • Amy

    Hey guys?

    We’re filing a petition and here is the website.

  • Adeline

    kibaki and raila must starting talking with each other (not to each other). it will be very sad to lose kenya as we know it coz of the egos of two politicians. those advocating for a recount based on form 16As or the ballots themselves are not being realistic. there are huge question marks about the integrity of all those and further tampering could be done before recounts/retallying.

    the country needs a political solution to this crisis bearing in mind the ethnic tensions that have been simmering for years. these leaders, if they are worth the name leaders, must sit down and talk. and the first thing they must do is to bring the bloodletting to an immediate halt. then agree on the modus operandi for fresh elections under an electoral commission appointed by both groups.

    and for a start raila should call off the meeting on thursday. that meeting will only serve to add fuel to the fire and the kibaki lot will predictably dig in their heels.

  • rao

    shame on us kenyans for thinking we were different. the uprising of the poor in the slums was inevitable… shame on kenyatta moi kibaki raila and all of us collectively for not having fought the wars of the poor before, now they are angry and have nothing to lose, if they did… they would not be fighting..

  • Anna

    International media keeps boiling this down to Luo vs Kikuyu issue and emphasise fact the Raila is Luo, while Kibaki Kikuyu. I think it should be made clear that it’s a problem all other tribes now have with Kikuyus and not just Luos. What about the conflict in Eldoret, Rift Valley etc. Raila doesn’t just represent the interest of Luos. Why is it that the only Central Provice seems to be peaceful. This is a national issue .

  • Adeline

    i see the petition for kibaki to resign – how does that ensure the immediate cessation of bloodletting? the leaders must talk now. its not likely that western govts will intervene in kenya militarily action or by sanctions – so who are we adddressing the petition? we have to solve the problem ourselves and it will come down to the leaders coming down from their high horses and talking to save this country.

  • Aly

    Ory, good to see that PM is back online.

    State House is now saying that Raila is the cause of ethnic cleansing. The clashes started in Kibera within minutes of Kibaki being declared pres. Sounds to me like they’re pasing the buck. How do you reason with opportunists. This will only harden ODM’s stance. Not good.


  • Aly

    I meant KP, not PM. Thanks for the good work. Trust all is well with you.

  • Anna

    Very good link for updated news. Kikuyus reported to flee into Uganda. Finally talks of civil war and not just tribal conflict between the two ethnic groups.


  • zizi


    I agree with Aly that the position being taken by Mutua that Raila supporters are involved in ethnic cleasning (indirectly suggesting that actullay Raila is involved…) is making things worse.

    Kibaki wants to mess up the whole peace and reconciliation process. I also hold the view that the Governments Spokesman should suspend his briefings for a while because people cannot trust he is not a government parrot. Kibaki should take over and provide leadership. The problem with Mutua is that he may convey messages that are not intended by the Government. We call that decision by interpretation. I strongly believe Mutua should suspend his briefings because they do not help much.

    I wrote a thesis on case of ethnic cleansing in Former Yugoslavia and it is not really a matter that can be simplicity. I was disturbed when I tried to have breakfast this morning on Mutua’s accusations. What I am seeing is that, soon Munguki may hit back as already reported by the section of the media. They will also be very specific on their target. The question will be whether Mutua will stand out and say that Kibaki supporters are involved in ethnic cleansing. It is a disturbing trend.

  • Adeline

    am amazed that some people seem so happy to call the situation a civil war. does it matter? killing is killing, whether u call it ethnic cleansing or civil war. preach peace not war.

  • W

    We had an election in Sierra Leone recently where the electoral commisioner also came under pressure to change the results in favor of the ruling party. She declined and the opposition was duly declared winners. I believe that the main reason for the peaceful outcome of our election was
    1. The electoral commisioner was a woman (African women have more moral backbone than African men). I say this as an african man.
    2. We have just been through a rebel war so we know first hand the consequences of inner conflict. We don’t want to ever go through that again

    Finally, I pray Kenya can learn from our experience. No one wins in a war.

  • Anna

    Hey Daud!

    What happend to those leaders you metion. The Ukranian aspirant was posioned and What happend to America after Bush took over.?Sept 11, War aginst muslims etc. I’m sorry but these are exactly the resons why Kenyans should let Kibaki get away with this. What will be the future of the country.
    Isn’t that the constitution Kibaki failed to change? Should Raila now abide by this constitution? Is it a constitution most Kenyans support?

  • Anna

    sorry meant Kenyans should NOT let Kibaki get away with this!

  • Anna

    Kivuitu’s admission has already been broadcastet internationally, have heard it on news of some German radio station.

  • Raymond

    Things should be contemporaneously happening in Kenya, calling for peace between our communities, delivering of humanitarian aid and applying pressure on the current illegal government to step down. A lot of Kenyans have lost their lifes only to tell us that demonstrations do not work. Peaceful demonstrations are an effective tool and would even be more effective with the support of the Media. There is prima facie evidence that this elections were rigged, and if us as Kenyans let them get away with it, especially with the kind of arrogance and shear stupidity in which they rigged the elections, then we might as well stop voting and declare Kenya a life long authocratic state. The sad thing is, up until last week, Kenya was on the verge of setting history. In a continent riddled with violence and dictatorship, we were about to set a precedency for the rest of Africa, even from the admission of some of my other African friends, they were looking up to Kenya, to set the trend and standards. Now look at where we stand, we have been set back decades.
    As i said, things should contamporaneously happen, stop the violence, deliver humanitarin aid and call for the resignation of Kibaki or fresh elections. A recount at this point would not help, so much time has passed and who knows what they have done to the ballots( that is if they have them). Matter of fact they did not announce or print the final numbers from each Province. How did they announce the elected president?

  • superseiyan

    No easy solutions. In a bitter twist of fate, now people are calling on Raila to be the “bigger man”, and Kibaki is getting away untouched – judging by many message boards.

    Where ODM/Raila are culpable IMO is the way they set up the campaign BEFORE the elections in terms of “rescuing Kenya from Kikuyu’s”. That was a recipe for disaster.

    But during the election, it is obvious that something suspicious happened. Come on, if that swift swearing in wasn’t a give away….not to mention virtually the entire cabinet being voted away. “Let the courts decide” ha! If anyone thinks “the courts” can do anything, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    Question: Why was there even an election? Talks with Kibaki is like endorsing his presidency. Might be the only option left. Though in the future, people will think, why bother voting?

    Think about it.

    No easy solutions, but shame, shame, shame on ECK and PNU. Yes Raila should be the bigger man, but it should be clear and not forgotten how all of this started in the first place.

  • Raymond

    Us Kenyans in the Diaspora are doing whatever we can to shed light on the situation back home. Today at Noon we have a demonstration for Peace and Justice at the State Capitol here in Minnesota and on Friday there will be another one at the Kenyan Embassy in DC.
    We need to raise the question of the humanitarian crisis on the ground. We should all do whatever we can to try and alleviate the conditions that can plunge our country into further chaos.

  • Ishara

    I read and watch all these comments from Kenyans who want Odinga to ‘be the better man’ or ‘love the Kenyan people’ or ‘realize the nation is bigger than the individual’ or ‘has let down the Kenyan people’ et al and I shake my head.

    What they really mean to say is that Odinga should completely disregard all those who voted for him and supported him in favour of a leader that now even the ECK admits being pressured into declaring the winner?

    I find that problematic but even more problematic for me is the fact that if Kibaki remained in office illegitimately-this is his last term so he has no obligation whatsoever to heed or so much as listen to the Kenyan people at all-after all he could not run for another term.

    Going by his cavalier manner, attitude and behaviour toward wananchi when HE DID want to get re-elected (abysmal) I think his manner and bahaviour towards us when HE CAN’T GET re-elected will forseeably only get worse.

    Going by the majority of responses here, we need someone who will NOT sweep our problems under the carpet. We need someone who is approachable, can listen to our concerns and act to fulfill them. That clique of Kibaki advisors have so insulated him that NO Kenyan looks forward to hearing him speak because he is so out of touch.

    I do not know whether the way forward will come with an independent audit of the ECK but one think I know FOR SURE is that it will NOT come via the Constitutional Justice route.

    Let’ face it, what are the chances of getting a just legal remedy in our Kenya Courts when our Judges are extremely politicized?

    If the court system were a viable option I believe Odinga would have already filed suit. The fact that his legal advisor Justice Kwach shunned the High Court of Kenya after spending decades on the bench says something.

    If a former Justice of the court has no confidence in this third branch of government that suggests our courts are not as “autonomous” as they should be, court ‘packing’ 2 days before the election and executive ‘sympathy’ notwithstanding.

    Am I wrong Ory?

  • debaba

    Anyone knows if the planes are flying? I need to get my niece out of Nairobi to fly to Entebbe? she is is a war zone

  • MedialChannel.org, I was in Kenya until Monday the 31st when I flew back to the US. The planes were coming in and leaving then. I hope your niece makes it out. When did Kibaki talk to Kenyans about peace and to stop fighting? Until I left, he never once appealed to the Wanainchi to calm down. Raila did. What can we do to help?

  • Citizen1

    Rao your words are golden. We should have spoken for the poor man way before all this. This is not about this election, politicians will always be politicians, here in the States they talk crap to get ahead too. Talks for peace must begin and I dont believe Raila or Kibaki will be able to govern the country effectively, I have lost faith in them both ( I am sure they both rigged here and there and I cannot say who would have won a fair election) . I will look upon even a new face with a whole lot of scrutiny.

  • Guys, it’s really sad what’s happenning in Kenya. I wish to congratulate KenyanPundit for non-partisan reporting. What is being said in some blogs in the name of generating traffic is unimaginable. To facilitate Objective and Focussed discussions on Kenya events and to complement what’s already being done by Pundit, I’ve put together a Discussion Board at http://www.runboard.com/bongasasa.

  • Two pieces of information am looking for from people:

    1. How to donate or help the people who’ve been affected by the chaos in Kenya. Please post the details in KenyaPundit.com or http://runboard.com/bongasasa. I’ve created a forum specifically for this in bongasasa. I belive there are more organisations besides RedCross co-ordinating the assistance

    2. I want people, especially in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombabsa and Eldoret to report on the good things happening there. Even amidst all the chaos, I believe there are some good reports worth writing about. This is the only way we can negate what international media has decided to do(depict Kenya as a country of butchers and mass murderers). Not all Kenyans murdered! Guys bring on the good reports. Once again post them in kenyanpundit.com or runboard.com/bongasasa; whichever is easier for you. Thank you and God bless Kenya

  • e shisha pens Post-media blackout update Jan 2 12:15 am « Kenyan Pundit

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  • […] the Electoral Commission of Kenya acting under pressure?: “- Kivuitu admits to acting under pressure. The story was apparently up on the Standard […]

  • […] of the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Samuel Kivuitu, has admitted to announcing the results under pressure: Kivuitu admits to acting under pressure. The story was apparently up on the Standard website, but […]

  • […] of the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Samuel Kivuitu, has admitted to announcing the results under pressure: Kivuitu admits to acting under pressure. The story was apparently up on the Standard website, but […]

  • […] and Raila Odinga are equally responsible for the violence that is currently tearing Kenya apart. Kenyan Pundit highlights as “Comment of the Day” the statement of an unnamed “foreigner” […]