Update – Burnt Forest/Eldoret Jan 1 11:45 pm (Edit)

Just got back home still trying to parse through the news/info coming through.

For now it is critical to get the word out about the situation in Eldoret and Burnt Forest. This is in the aftermath of the church burning. Reports of armed men going into the forest coming through from various sources. The conflict is more than just Kikuyu-Luo – has – widened into something that I don’t even know how to describe.

From a KP reader:

“Approximately 40-50K people are holded up at the compounds of ST. PATRICKS CATHOLIC CHURCH and ARNESENS HIGH SCHOOLl, both in Burnt Forest. There is no running water, food and ELECTRICITY has been cut. THIS MEANS THAT PEOPLE CANNOT RECHARGE THIER CELL PHONES and soon we’ll not be able to contact them. Also, due to the chaos/anarchy in these compounds, means that people, especially women are not any safer than if they were out in the chaos. There has been reports of rapes and molestations. I’ve also heard that the Eldoret highway has been closed by thugs an d that there is no transportion, hence people cannot leave this area. My family in that area feels very helpless and we can only ask that we spread the world and try and get some security in the area.”

I’m wondering whether the military and the police are? Are they standing by watching while these incidents are going on? Hearing reports that the ignored calls for help when the church was being burnt? Does anyone have an idea what the government is doing in response as far as providing security to individuals in this area? And this is being alarmist but I’m beginning to wonder whether the government wants to fan the flames (remember Likoni clashes?).

Other (unverified) news from KP readers:

- Military set to take over tomorrow.

- Forced circumcisions in Buru Buru area. About 20 so far. 5 people have bled to death as a result.

- Govt is preparing for calls for a re-tally by jigging with the 16A forms once more. Officers of the disputed 48 constituences have been summoned to KICC tonight to re-sign the forms 16A.

Other news sources:

- I really really have to commend Al Jazeera for their coverage of this situation. I hope someone picks this up as a story about alternative media and coverage of Africa, and a story about Al Jazeera is redefining GLOBAL coverage. They are millions of steps ahead of CNN and BBC with less resources. From a good source, I hear that they are posting stories directly to Youtube so please check there for new stories as well.

- Alertnet for breaking news.

- Mental Acrobatics should have a post up pretty soon about various initiatives to try and stop the situation from spiraling out of control.

- My partner in Mzalendo, M, also has updates and pictures of the latest situation on the ground.

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