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Election Update 30 Dec 5:40 pm

– No further word from ECK.

– No power at KICC, so you can’t get any footage.

– Journalists and observers being cleared out by GSU. Area has been cordoned off.

I have gone out of my way to avoid reporting on rumors, but will break the rule right now.

I have heard from several credible sources that Kivuitu will declare Kibaki the winner any time now from a location with no media present, probably KBC. He will be immediately sworn in and a state of emergency declared thereafter.

Baba has gone to look for groceries in case we need to bunker down.

10 comments to Election Update 30 Dec 5:40 pm

  • A Congolese

    Shame, three times shame! I hope those are just rumors… Are those people bent on destroying Kenya?

  • Kibaki re-elected

  • Fred

    Watch KBC
    Kibaki was declared President.

    KIBAKI: 4,584,721
    RAILA 4,352,993

  • P Kenya

    It is a sad day for Kenya. I only see a big black hole in front of us. Because it’s you Ory, I shall save my insults.

  • Half n Half

    I am totally confused, and P****d off by this government! how dare they destroy what Kenyans have worked so hard for? Someone needs to come to their senses as soon as possible. I totally lack words to express my disappointed, I dont mind that kibaki “won” I care how he “won”…..

  • D

    He was bound to win anyway.

    The sad thing is the violence that has accompanied it,we are tearing ourselves apart.

  • D

    Kisumu,Kibera and parts of Eastlands gripped. Lives will be sacrificed for politics.

  • God is ever waching dear kenyans turn to Him and He will punish the liars and cheaters as the swahili saying goes…siku za mwizi ni arobaini a government founded on lying will not go for long you will see the hands of God but dont forget to ask God His doors are open
    if you forget to ask Him He wont come to rescue you

  • D

    Kibaki sworn in

  • These developments stink to high heaven it is shocking that the nation is being led down such a dangerous path.
    I am praying hard for Kenya.