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Quick hits

– Hash get’s his manifesto published (Yeah!).

– For those people who are thinking about doing projects in Africa and Kenya in particular, please read this report by MIT students who were recently working on several projects. Why? First, it shows that you can have your cake AND eat it (M’s post notwithstanding). Being […]

Google-bombing for Alaa

Some governEgyptments think they can trampEgyptle the rights of those that oppEgyptose them and noEgyptone will notEgyptice. Well, that fact is changEgypting and we are changEgypting it.

All bloggers are encouraged to support this campaign. Today it’s Alaa, tomorrow it could be you.

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We Media conference

I was one of the speakers during the Africa session. Wilfred Kiboro was also one of the panelists and it was quite interesting to hear him wax eloquently about how the Nation was all about new media and how their main problem was lack of trained journalists (or did I hear him wrong?? I hate […]

The Sexual Offenses Bill

So I’m writing this very warily because I normally have a standing policy of doing things well or not at all, and I can’t address this issue as well I’d like right now because I’m juggling like twenty thousand things BUT I have to say at least something so here goes and hopefully I’ll have […]

Quick hits…

First, thanks to everyone who left a comment on packed lunch trauma…wonderful memories.

– How social networks are transforming our world

– A good news story from Kenya, the Kibera Community Youth Programme.

– How it really works….

– We desperately need to inject this in our education system.

– For the […]