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Quick hits…

First, thanks to everyone who left a comment on packed lunch trauma…wonderful memories.

– How social networks are transforming our world

– A good news story from Kenya, the Kibera Community Youth Programme.

– How it really works….

– We desperately need to inject this in our education system.

– For the geeks, Rapleaf to challenge Ebay’s feedback system and wouldn’t you love to see an Africa Code Jam?

2 comments to Quick hits…

  • I have been thinking of the idea of an Africa code jam for a while, I am currently trying work with some contacts at amd to get involved with their 15×50 project (http://www.amdboard.com/pic.html) and also trying to see how I can use the ndiyo project (http://www.ndiyo.org/)to bring an open source computer lab to my former high school (bush). Any suggestions?

    Hi John,

    I might know someone at AMD. Can you give me more details about whatyou were trying to do with them…would be more than happy to connect
    if I can. Will have to get back to you on Ndiyo. Drop me an email: kenyanpundit-at-gmail.com

  • My .02c : without
    i) transaction records
    ii) a means of feedback verification
    iii) efficient systems for challenge that work along the priciple of innocent until proven guilty
    iv)a mechanism for withdraw of (false) negative feedback

    Rapleaf will probably be an exercise in victimization and a great excuse for litigation a la “punitive damages”.