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Commissioners for the Kenyan TJRC announced

Pretty solid line-up (see I’m not always critical of the govt!).

Amb. Bethuel A. Kiplagat – Chairman Ms. Betty Murungi – Vice – Chairperson Tom Ojienda Ms. Margaret Wambui Ngugi Shava Ms. Tecla Namachanja Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Ahmed Sheikh Farah

International Experts: Ms. Gertrude Chawatama – Zambia Berhanu Dinka – Ethiopia Ronald Siye […]

Kenya on the Brink: Democratic Renewal or Deepening Conflict?

For DC folks, sorry for the late notice just got this yesterday. Marende and other parliamentarians expected to be in attendance.

Date: July 22, 2009

Location: National Endowment for Democracy, 1025 F St, NW Suite 800, Washington, DC 20004


8:30– 9:00 Continental Breakfast

9:00– 9:30 Opening Address by Congressman Don Payne

9:30– 10:45 […]

Alston report discussion webcast

Watch the webcast here. It will be interesting to watch what exactly the govt has to say in its defense (they sent a 30-person delegation to Geneva and only have 7 mins to speak WTF!!).

On Martha Karua

I’m in Nairobi for a bit and the hottest news at the moment is Karua’s resignation.

I have no doubt (and I have it on good authority) that she was indeed being frustrated in her role as Minister of Justice – apparently Gicheru has way more sway than she did with the ‘baks, however, lets […]

Workshop on the Truth Commission

I am currently attending a workshop on lessons Kenya can learn from the South African Truth and Reconciliation process. I’m here wearing my concerned Kenyan citizen hat (otherwise my Saturday mornings are precious family time) and my Ushahidi hat…focusing mainly on the process of documentation and on how we can help ensure that information collected […]

Update 4 from Geneva- Waki Speaks

[I really should have been done now, but my in box is a mess, fired the nanny on my return and dealing with a semi-sick Gabi…did I say I have 10,000 things on my plate? I need a clone. STAT!]

The Geneva conference marked the first time that Waki has spoken publicly on the […]

Update 3 from Geneva Conference

[Back home in Joburg, and playing catch-up]

Orengo speaks:

People must remember that the accord was a ceasefire document. – At the time the State and its organs were unable to control the situation and were also engaged in the violence. The lack of confidence in the judiciary also eliminated it was an […]

Update 2 from Annan conference in Geneva

Following points were raised about the ICC:

– It takes long – Cambodia process started way back in 2002, that’s six years.

– The court can only handle a few perpetrators so it needs to be reserved for the big fry…what happens to middle/lower level guys?

– For many reasons (including above) it […]