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Update 3 from Geneva Conference

[Back home in Joburg, and playing catch-up]

Orengo speaks:

People must remember that the accord was a ceasefire document.
– At the time the State and its organs were unable to control the situation and were also engaged in the violence. The lack of confidence in the judiciary also eliminated it was an option.
– The problem has always been the State and its nature and this still remains the same.
– They tackled the composition of Cabinet but not of government and this is problematic.
– Issue of corruption / impunity the biggest challenge
– The principles are too far removed from the process
– He urged the media to take advantage of a more open parliament to really highlight the performance/non-performance of MPs

Sally Kosgei made a brief / interesting comment on how they – a group of 6 individuals including head of National Intelligence, Army Chief – managed the transition in 2002. Apparently they had been working on Moi to prepare him psychologically to hand over power since October. In her view Kibaki/PNU were never prepared to leave no matter what the results were and the “kitchen” Cabinet reinforced this.

3 comments to Update 3 from Geneva Conference

  • simbaMtu

    Ory – did Moi ever really leave? He appointed untold numbers of public servants, military personnel and police during his days in power. Many were totally incompetent … but still completely loyal to Moi and all too willing to accept bribes. In addition, both Moi and his sons control overwhelming economic interests inside Kenya to this day. Moi is still very much a factor in what happens. Just not so visible.


  • Ory Okolloh

    Good point Simbamtu, in a sense he never did but I guess the reference was to the fact that he didn’t really force Uhuru down our throats – it was never a foregone conclusion that NARC would assume power even if the won the election.

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