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Update 2 from Annan conference in Geneva

Following points were raised about the ICC:

– It takes long – Cambodia process started way back in 2002, that’s six years.

– The court can only handle a few perpetrators so it needs to be reserved for the big fry…what happens to middle/lower level guys?

– For many reasons (including above) it is important not to lose sight of the national process…the ICC will always be there.

– Someone made the point that the ICC process will be too detached from the average Kenya, importance of process being local with cameras in court etc. should not be underestimated.

– Someone from the ICC should speak to Kenyans about the process, they don’t want to hear from pundits (hehehe).

-Someone suggested that they should announce investigations just to make the threat real.

– Annan thinks its critical for justice to be done.

– There should be a sense of balance – not just about Eldoret, but also Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha, Mombasa – one side should not feel victimized.

What the ICC is saying:
– They are monitoring Kenya, O’Campo has a special adviser

– Most effective as a stick e.g. in Columbia where the threat has been used to push for local prosecutions (takes time though)

2 comments to Update 2 from Annan conference in Geneva

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your updates both on the site and on twitter.

    We need to see movement from politicians. They need to work harder to move the process forward and to be seen to actively be doing so.

    For example: Parliament should never have gone on recess without settling some of the outstanding issues like electoral commission. As we had the chance to be reminded recently, it was terribly irresponsible of them to go traipsing off without leaving some sort of electoral oversight body in place…even if it was temporary.

    They also should not have gone on recess without coming to some sort of conclusion as to what path will be taken..ICC or home grown tribunal.

    Our politicians are behaving like it’s business as usual and this is adding to the frustration that Kenyans are feeling. The process is stuck without them so they need to understand that they do not have the luxury of working at their usual long, drawn-out pace on this. We need to start seeing quick and decisive action.

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