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Blogging Indaba concluding thoughts etc.

OK, so my plans for thoroughly blogging from Grahamstown pretty much fell apart mostly due to the fact that I spent more time doing what all conferences (conspiracies against African bloggers notwithstanding ) are good for – meeting people (including the African internet Bismarcks and Leopolds…I can report that the African blogosphere survived any attempts […]

Blogging Indaba Post 2

Couldn’t blog Ethan’s great opening talk, because I was finalizing my presentation, but will link to the slides shortly. You can also get updates and get pictures at the conference blog – http://dci.ru.ac.blog

The first panel was the South African editor’s forum panel, featuring Chris Roper and Bryan Porter (www.24.com – I use this website […]

Blogging Indaba Post 1

Rule Number 1 of hosting a blogging conference = make sure that the conference room has internet connectivity (those of you who I expect to put your money where you mouth is and start planning the African blogging conference that you want to see (polemics does nothing for Africa ) – take note).

The […]

Digital Citizens Indaba on Blogging/New Media in Africa

I will be one of the speakers at the Indaba which will take place on Sept 14-15 in Grahamstown, South Africa immediately after the Highway Africa. Scholarships are available for African bloggers and journalists to attend, deadline for applying is August 15, 2006.

Global Voices Sub-Sahara Africa Regional Editor

Global Voices Online (www.GlobalVoicesOnline.org), an international bloggers’ network, is looking for an experienced blogger to take on the role of Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Editor which involves coverage of the vast diversity of countries and cultures across the region.

This is a part-time position with modest compensation, for somebody who is passionate about helping to amplify […]

Quick Hits: Africa Special

– New blog from Tanzania that will be featuring recipes from Tanzania and other countries. Can’t wait. Hat tip Jikomboe!

– Budding African podcasters could use this. It allows podcasters to transmit their work on FM. Hat tip Jikomboe!

– Are African governments finally getting switched on to the potential of the African blogosphere […]

We Media conference

I was one of the speakers during the Africa session. Wilfred Kiboro was also one of the panelists and it was quite interesting to hear him wax eloquently about how the Nation was all about new media and how their main problem was lack of trained journalists (or did I hear him wrong?? I hate […]

African blogosphere hits the mainstream press…

First, the Nigerian blogosphere was recently featured in the mainstream press. And the Washington Post featured Sudanese rebels who are running their rebellions via blogs. Then Thinker and other Kenyan bloggers get profiled in the Standard (with proper attribution and all!) courtesy of this post.

AOB: Mtaa FM.