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LA Times on the late Father Kaiser

While the absurdity of a former dictator (Moi) and two corrupt incompetents (Raila & Kibaki) helping us figure out the “Kenya We Want” in an expensive conference sinks in, lets take a moment to remind ourselves just how bad things were during the Moi years (hat tip DW!).

EDIT: Part 3 of the series is here.

2 comments to LA Times on the late Father Kaiser

  • Pete

    It’s good to bring up the Father Kaiser issue again.

    There was some info in this version of the story that I had not seen before – like the death threats against Father Kaiser (such as the thrown rock through the window). And the fact that Father Kaiser always carried his shotgun – not a bad idea in Kenya. But the fact that he did it on a routine basis was not generally mentioned when all this went down at the time of his death.

    There was also a lot that was not mentioned. What happened to the FBI report that Father Kaiser was suffering from a known mental condition, which might have contributed to his feelings of paranoia? The FBI concluded that he really did die of suicide. Were they right? And was it true that the Vatican wanted Father Kaiser removed from Kenya because of his mental health? And what happened to the (apparent) eye witness reports of a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity of the murder on the night of the incident?

    Didn’t Kenya hold a new inquiry into this mystery just a few years ago? What was the final outcome … I didn’t hear about it?

    Still, overall Father Kaiser must be remembered as a great hero because of his brave stand for justice and human rights – against a greedy and oppressive regime in Kenya.


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