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Quick Hits: Feb 5

– For those who took pictures with the ubiquitous Obama cutout, notice his hands were white?

– Interesting NYTimes look at Google’s venture into internet infrastructure in Kenya/Africa.

– Google local search for Nairobi launched.

– Macharia Gaitho’s op-ed on the Molo tragedy is a MUST read. Money quote: Whether super-rich or dirt-poor, Kenyans will forever be in scramble to get something for nothing…

2 comments to Quick Hits: Feb 5

  • Pete

    Ms. Okollah

    First, thanks for the excellet blog here! You are doing a great job, and the articles are very much appreciated. Asante sana.

    I would like to correspond with you about an issue regarding Kenya and womens rights. Please send your e-mail address to :

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    Pete, USA

  • kwenda kabisa

    I fully agree with Macharia’s op-ed article. I remember being so mad when I heard Kalonzo’s comments that I argued with some of my co-workers who shared similar thoughts. To add insult to injury along comes Lucy with her blame game. The only person who spoke sense was the Rift Valley PC Hassan Noor Hassan where he at least expressed disbelief at the greed level people were showing by exposing their children to certain death. Interestingly enough, I have heard Kalonzo’s line of argument from another group of individuals…the Somali pirates.
    To me Kalonzo argument is – it is ok to steal because I am poor!