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On the teachers’ strike

So I have been following the news about the teachers’ strike because it is an interesting (and rare) test of the coalition government as far as a section of Kenyans saying enough is enough and demanding their dues. The government’s initial knee-jerk reaction and tear gassing of peaceful protestors suggested that it is business as usual.

The eventual deal that’s been agreed to is suspect…as usual the hardest worker gets shafted…The new salary for the lowest paid teacher will rise from Sh10,185 in July to Sh13,750 in July 2011. That of the highest paid teacher will go up from Sh44,990 to Sh120,270 in the same period. WTF?

Although the strike initally had the makings of a revival perhaps of a strong labour movement, in the end it unfortunately degenerated into a reminder on just how much damage the Moi years did to the labour movement, the squabbling between KUPPET and KNUT is just one example. There have been ramblings in some quarters about calling a general strike to express just how displeased Kenyans are with their leaders, but from where I’m sitting a general strike in Kenya is a pipe dream…the only thing that seems to extract a concerted +united effort from us nowadays is the celebration of various things – our runners, Obama, December holidays…

For a revealing and insightful analysis of the strike, this is a good read.

1 comment to On the teachers’ strike

  • When you take the 30% inflation rate we are suffering, the derisory increment at the bottom of the ladder is particularly offensive.