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Kenyan activists in action

In a few days maybe I’ll be able to stop frothing at the mouth at the barrage of terrible headlines coming from Kenya.

Until then, something positive.

I constantly complain about the penchant for Kenyans to be permanently outraged about the state of their affairs, but then be unable to act upon their outrage with persistence and with a determination to change things and then leave it to “those people” to do the dirty work of protesting for them (the very same “those people” who we revile for being easily fooled by politicians) while they pray for things to get back to “normal.”

The folks at Bunge la Mwananchi are different. They are persistent, dogged, and speak to the core issues that the average Kenyan cares about, often with minimal resources and with constant harassment from the government.

I hope that they will one day see the fruit of their labours, and that the rest of us take a cue for them and ask ourselves what we are doing to improve the status quo of our country.

4 comments to Kenyan activists in action

  • Very interesting, but they don’t have a functional RSS feed at the moment, so they’re in danger of falling off my radar.

    Still, nice to see that there are those who are willing to back up their convictions with actions.

  • KenyaLuv

    Kenyan Pundit. I was wondering if there is any legal means of Kenyans to remove the government before 2012. Surely we can’t endure that long.We need a clean slate. Any ideas? Sit-ins? Demos? We need a peaceful revolution. We need to come up with ideas.

  • Possibly our countries are in a competition to see which one can be the most undemocratic and corrupt on the continent – Mugabe aside.

    BTW did you read Keguro’s excellent post “Owning Kenya”

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