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Parliament coverage (ongoing updates)

Marsgroup Kenya should be showing live clips every 15 minutes. Site is a bit slow so be patient.

Man, I wish I could be liveblogging this.

Live broadcasting of Parliament should be a permanent thing. Trying to get MPs to vote that in is another matter altogether. A

From a skype chat with someone who is watching and who is describing the scene as Disneyland…

– they are currently debating what a secret ballot is – one side wants voting to be done in the open (guess who?) and the other side is insisting on a secret ballot (ODM wants to track down the guys who were bought…hehehe…and we wonder who the problem with Kenya is when ODM can’t even count on its own MPs….washindwe wote!).

: ODM didn’t take up the govt seats as they had threatened to do, Raila is sitting where Uhuru used to sit – a sign perhaps that ODM is catching on to the fact that they need to engage in some realpolitik and stop relying solely on the mass action card (but then again I’m a perennial optimist about Kenya).

: Round 1 voting – Marende (ODM 104); Kaparo (PNU 99), Ndile (2), Njoki Ndungu (0) Spoilt (2) [uum, how they hell are there spoilt votes, are these “bought guys” who are wavering?…in any event even if they swing to PNU, looks like ODM has won the Speaker seat if their discipline holds up]

EDIT 3: Round 2 of voting – Marende (ODM 104); Kaparo (PNU 102), Ndile (0), Kihoro (1) – ODM seems to be holding. For those who are asking, not sure whether a new Speaker will conduct things any differently from Kaparo as far as professionalism, but expect ODM to shut down government business or make it difficult (at least for as long as they can prevent individuals from jumping ship). First order of business I gather is for the new speaker to refuse to swear in MPs.

EDIT 4: Marende (ODM) wins it – 105 to Kaparo (PNU) 101. ODM also win deputy speaker – Farah Maalim. Let the games begin. Now that’s done, can I ask how Marende became the ODM guy, he was very unpopular on Mzalendo, though he made it back on the ODM wave?

42 comments to Parliament coverage (ongoing updates)

  • Kenyan Mps leave a lot to be desired :sad:

  • Lemayian

    :lol:…lol!! @ the following paragraphs…
    “From a skype chat with someone who is watching and who is describing the scene as Disneyland…”

    “hehehe…and we wonder who the problem with Kenya is when ODM can’t even count on its own MPs….washindwe wote!).”

    Truth, justice and democracy will prevail….Raila and Co. we are behind you all the way…or atleast we are behind those who stand for truth, justice and democracy…….

  • zizi

    I think if none wavers on ODM side, it will carry the day. You also pray that the spoilt vote does not occur on the ODM side.

    There is also a fiasco on ODM nominations – the list released by Anyang Nyongo yesterday (which looked ok to me) has been thrushed by ODM officials (Imanyara plus group) who have nominated themselves. Wonders. ODM needs to give up on like 20 millions, give it to them and let the party go.

  • sunshine

    Can anyone tell what the speaker from oppositioin will be able to and can do to make the house run different from how Kaparo has been running all these years. Just hope that someone can be able to uphold the law and turn things around.

  • Ishara

    Second round voting completed, Marende 104 Kaparo 102, Kihoro 1, Ndile 0, Ndun’gu 0 (I think Kaparo picked up the spoilt votes-no clue as to the singular Kihoro vote) .

    Third round voting underway-all that is required is a simple majority. If the ODM voting bloc holds, Marende is poised to become the speaker of the 10th parliament.

    @Sunshine, I think the Kivuitu debacle served to thouroughly shake up ODM’s confidence in impartial actors. They ardently defended and supported his retention only to realize that supposedly independent office holders and appointees at the highest levels have become tools to further the exectutive agenda by fair means or foul….I guess Kaparo simply cannot be trusted to be an impartial arbitrator.

    Let’s see how the third round turns out….

  • Don

    In Parliament the speaker has the power…..not the president. He decides the timetable and flow of house business and debates. Also, no one speaks in the house unless “recognized” by the speaker and if you disobey the speaker he can suspend you from the house.
    The speaker also declares a seat vacant. There for in situations that are unclear, for example if an ODM mp were to start siding with the government side without defecting, the speaker can decide that he has ultimately defected by his actions and declare his seat vacant. That is what Kaparo should have done in the last parliament to avoid Cabinet being used for bribery to return us to a 1 party state

  • Abdullah

    Kenneth Marende carried the day ith 105. Now battle royale starts. Hehehe. Welcome my son.

  • Hassan

    Marende has been elected with 105 votes

  • zizi

    marende win!

  • zizi

    Is it true that Kofi Annan has kinda of collapse due to severe flu?

    At least ODM got some renegade voter from the PNU guys – I guess it was someone from NE or Western. Good for them.

  • martin



  • Sijui

    REUTERS and NYT have called it for Marende, great!!!! Bring the government machinery to its knees.

  • sunshine

    i understand now how crucial it is then for speaker’s seat to go to a person who is not affiliated with the president or ministers. i think then it will be good, hopefully transforming, to have a speaker who will be fair and has kenyans interests at heart.

  • Hassan

    It’s Marende as i said earlier let the party commence guys I can’t wait for Kibaki’s government to be brought to its knees. For starters Kalonzo’s sit should be declared vacant as he defected to join PNU which is the ‘Government’ and he should be in the opposition.

  • David Mutai

    Many will never know the true meaning of Marende’s win.

    Kenyans will now have a release. All the pent-up anger following the stolen presidential elections will now ebb. Lives have just been saved by this vote. A house will stand, a shop has been spared the fires of anger.

    God has smiled on Kenya.

    Bravo to the voices of change in the August House!

    Now Let the gentlemen’s (and honorable Ladies’) battle of honor begin! LET’S RECLAIM BACK OUR DEMOCRACY, LET’S GET BACK OUR COUNTRY


  • Ishara

    ODM (Maalim) 110

    PNU (Gitobu) 94

    Gitobu Imanyara concedes to Farah Maalim, and Mr. Speaker determines there is no need for a 2nd or 3rd round of voting.

    Hon. Maalim is now Deputy Speaker and will come forward to be sworn in!


  • D

    Parliament is going to be very interesting. I hope this will be a defining Parliament in Kenya.. we need to make some serious changes!!!

  • zizi

    Mutai just said it.

    just like there was instantaneous anger on Dec 30, there is some kind of some excitement now and people will sleep well tonight.

    Tomorrow’s mass action may be very peaceful as a result of that vote.

    I only have one issue: the way the media, especially, Reuters frame their analysis of parliamentary proceedings in Kenya. The analysts ups the violence in the country, which I agree Kenyans have suffered alot, and kind of assumes MPs in Kenya are not as concerned. I think the election of speaker is important. The system is adverserial and not like going to church. Once the speaker is elected, then Reuters can put MPs in the corner by analysing the order of business in the house. Getting the speaker was just that one step on the path of peace. Sometimes it is dissappointing to read from the international repoters!

  • Joseph

    I believe Kenya is much stronger now. With a very strong opposition, control of the house and everyone watching. A lot of government business might stall, but in exchange, we will have better scrutiny of government spending – no chance for another anglo leasing. Also the Opposition has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the Kenyan people by passing laws. If they do, they will have solidified their voters faith and trust in them. If they choose to squander the time politiking and dozing like the previous house, the government will end up looking really good. ODM, lets see what you are really made of.

  • zizi

    Kenya jurist should be able to answer some questions on legality of the oath being debated. things are getting complex here. that the oath is defective becuase pledgning allegience to the president who is irregularly in office makes it defective. See Kenya Today.

  • joshua


  • @joseph
    Do you really believe what you are saying? This is kenya. So what if the opposition shouts about Anglo leasing “type” stuff. Who will do what?

  • D

    Parliament has a huge responsibility to Kenyans and should rise from partisan politics. This is much needed in the issue of the constitution and other legislation. These are things to ensure Kenya’s future.

  • fran

    wat a kenya

  • Knasus

    Funny how this site is so pro ODM. I suppose ODM has no skeletons in the closet? Why did they insist on an open ballot. Why does no one report on this site what really happened? Ruto was accused of threatening ODM members who defected with physical violence, the only way to make sure they voted in ODM favour was by open ballot. Who are we kidding here? ODM are just as bad. Come on Kenyans, see the light!

    Secondly, the speaker got in on an ODM ballot litereally, and then did just what he was expected to do…suprisingly……he stood by the law.!! Good on him….there is at minimum, ONE good guy out there! By doing this he Stuffed the ODM call for abandoning the whole swearing in idea their way, and had the goons follow the law. If they believed they were right they should have walked out. Instead, they bowed to what they felt was wrong, under the pressure of the very man they had just voted in! What a joke really on the ODM side. They acted like spoilt children throughout the whole ‘Disney debacle’

    From an outsiders point of view who has not taken sides in the politics of my country, ODM came across as being very immature and even aggressively forceful.

    Ory, I doubt you will post this as your entire site is so pro ODM. Shame though as you should be fairly impartial given that you are influencing the minds of our diaspora.

    For all those that think PNU stole the election? Answer this………who bought himself a hummer in anticipation of chaos before the elections?

    If I had a hummer, I’d make it to the morning…………….remember that song

  • One thing I know is that some of us here is diaspora are direct beneficiaries of plunder and theft. We have either got scholarships we should never have got or we are here because our parents siphoned public money due to their connections with Government-either as servants, relatives, intimate friends or contract mafia. There is a very small clique of truly honest Kenyans who are in diaspora on merit and are concerned about change because they know how it hurts. The status quo lot is the overwhelming majority.
    So Ory, mud will come your way as you talk about social justice. Be ready. Keep up the good work. You updated us on elections when all those f **** public organisations with useless staff going by various names such IT managers, could not update as every minute as things unfolded. Can you imagine that institutions such as KBC , the Office Government Spokesman (I dont care what it is called actually), all media houses claim to have IT departments with huge budgets and big computers but they can not run a live interactive blog or basic breaking news update?

    Yesterday only your site and Mars Group were running a live update. Capital FM got stuck after the 1st round. Can somebody here tell me why a Kenyan calling himself or herself an IT worker can not post current information on a bloody web site after every 5 minutes? Hoe difficult is it?
    One blog post from you would take a Government department a bloody year and millions of ks to accomplish. That is why we are called developing countries.
    Don’t be blatantly biased in your reporting but feel free to voice your considered opinion.
    Ory and the other Bloggers keep it up.

  • David Mutai

    @ KNASUS,

    From your posting I gather that you are a young man/woman not aquainted with parliamentary procedures.

    OK Listen up: the Opposition in Parliament made their points of order but not with the intention of having the Law changed there and then, stupid!

    Their intention was to make a point, a point that will go into the Hansard.

    Their point was to set the tempo of the 10th Parliament.

    Their Point was to be the voice of the millions of voiceless Kenyans who’s voices were ignored and rubbished on the 27th of Dec 07.

    Their Point was to make the president know that Kenyans are not stupid and will not take it lying down.

    The Opposition was making a point that in this 10th parliament they will not lie low like the 16A.

    Knsas, Aggressively forceful legislators pass the law – That is what leadership is all about –

    This is not ODM sympathizing blog – it is a Kenyan Blog! Which part of ‘Kenyanpundit’ has an ‘O’ ‘D’ or ‘M’ – Style up Dude! ..(or Deddess!!)

  • Really can I thank Kenyanpundit enough? I can’t see how…do we have a grammy/oscar version for bloggers….brilliant like someone mentioned, voice your opinion but let your reportage be impartial…we truly appreciate it.

    as for the Disneyland production jana in parliament, I think a few points were driven home. …day one, round one…lets see how this cookie crumbles.

    muchos excitos!

  • Knasus

    @ David Mutai,

    Dude, no need to become abusive.

    It was the plan of ODM to have no swearing in, ………..but this back fired. I hope you are speaking from a position of having watched the entire procedure. ODM were trying to force immediate changes before proceeding…………and at no point in time did they ever suggest changes for the future…………..’note Ntimama who repetetively stated that the house should vote open ballot there and then…….tell it like it is or watch the movie guy. It amazes me how so many who are not in this country, including the international press, have different takes on things they did not witness.
    And you have the gall to call me stupid? To counter reply would simply be lowering my standards to those of the political leaders destroying this country.
    I say Peace on to you, have the space in mind to listen to other points of view……………Thank you Ory for posting my mail, I now have more faith in democracy…………x

    Secondly, (above was the firstly), the country is divided right down the middle. As many feel they won as feel they lost. We as Kenyans should have been prepared to lose. The blame of the current fiasco lies on all including UNDP,UN and all civic education bodies. The money spent before the elections and the message that should have been priority was what we should expect and do given such a close call. Instead everyone felt they had to be winners. Our peace makers should have been in the country prior to the elections too.

    Today PNU are calling for evidence of the proof that they rigged. They claim the finally tally was discussed by members from all parties including ODM PNU and ODM K during a process for 16 hours prior to the release of the results .
    So who did win and who is right or wrong…………does it matter when people are dying? Why are ODM calling for mass destruction?

    Our focus should be on repairing the damage, physical, mental, spiritual…………I believe we are still a proud nation, setting the blue print for other developing nations on how not to go about such a closely contested and thus volatile election.

    As a peace loving people we need to move forward somehow. We need to embrace those affected and help them stand again. Let the politicians play politics, but leave us all alone. Life must go on and it is only we the people of the country who must have the empathy and compassion to repair this nation.

    We must face the issues with as much clarity as possible and strive to stay on the sane side of the mayhem. And David we should learn not to throw stones at strangers…………….this is the current attitude on the ground in Kenya. It doesn’t solve a thing.

    Peace to you and yours

  • savin

    This is the Kenya we live in today

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