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Post-media blackout update Dec 31 2:30 pm

From news sources:

– Bitange Ndemo said that news media can broadcast news it just has to be delayed because the Government doesn’t have the technology to censor live broadcasts if there is inciteful information being broadcast.

Death tolls so far (this is from media sources, I suspect number is much higher getting reports of ethnic-based retribution on both sides)

– At least 46 people killed in Kisumu, 20 injured. Running battles still going on.

– 7 people dead in Mombasa

– 40 people dead in Eldoret

– At least 36 dead in Nairobi. GSU heavily guarding city mortuary probably to prevent real death toll from being known. 4 people killed in skirmishes between Mungiki and ODM supporters on Ngong Road


– Govt says Chief General Kianga still in office. There were rumors circulating that he had resigned and that the military is split as far as which way to go.

– ODM inauguration postponed till the 3rd.

From Kenyan Pundit readers:

– Raila calls for mass protests on the 3rd (seen on Al jazeera)

– Mutua says that the blackout is targeted towards vernacular radio in particular.

Where to get updates:

– We still can’t seem to get Al-jazeera where I’m staying, but I’m hearing K24 is broadcasting.

– BBC also seems to have stepped up their coverage.

Other news:

-There’s a run on supermarkets. the line at Nakumatt junction has reached the entrance of junction. Uchumi on Ngong road limiting how many people can enter the store.

– Shortage of credit for mobile phones in Nairobi. Guys relying on sambaza.

– It’s business as usual in Central Province. There were celebrations and parties yesterday. A friend of mine in Kiambu says that there’s zero police presence there.

– Raila press conference to be held in the afternoon. Will report on that.

23 comments to Post-media blackout update Dec 31 2:30 pm

  • Ory, we are here to support. I am monitoring Aljazeera and updating live. I am monitoring Sky News as well. If you have adequate band width, you can see Aljazeera on my website….

    We are here for Kenya, for the truth

  • Raila requests people to wear armbands and carry tree twigs on the third…. Aljazeera Reports

  • Aljazeera reported in Kisumu confirms having seen 48 bodies …

    Situation in Kisumu as serious as in Kibera

  • zizi

    Is the media allowed to cover violence scene? whether Mutua allows it or not, inte’ media are bringing out the murky images. Any idea of what is happening at statehouse? Kalonzo’s camp has been silent.

  • kayliz

    Thanks for all the updates Ory….you’re my chief source of news with NTV showing cartoons for most of the day and whatnot

  • carole

    here in italia we are glad to see you backonline….we got paranoid too and thought worse. keep well my dear

  • From France 24 Channel ..

    Raila wearing a yellow suit says ‘democracy is expensive and we are prepared to pay the price.’

  • Ory,

    I impore you to unmoderate the comments, with the media blackout your blog and your comments are one of the few places people can get information. We have an information vacuum – we cannot get word on what is going on.


    SMS from Nairobi, Dec 31, 2007 15:50 EAT

    Gunshots heard along Ngong Road in Nairobi as police attempt to stop thousands of ODM supporters from heading towards downtown. This is not Mungiki as had earlier been reported.

    I’d love to but the blog will just degenerate into a forum full of slurs and inflammatory stuff. Need to try and prevent that and keep it is a place of information – believe me you don’t want to read some of the comments I’ve deleted.

  • Anna

    Police claim shoot to kill orders

    Officers said that this divided the police forces, saying that many policemen sympathize with the protesters.

    Full article by Associated Press check here: http://www.ap.org

  • CNN Repoerter in Kenyatta hospital (Dave Mckenzie)…

    Police and army using live fire. Steady stream of ambulances and civilian vehicles delivering victims. City centre a relatively calm.

    Kibaki has not spoken at all about what is happening

  • Observer

    Al Jazeera has confirmed cops have orders to be heavy handed esp. in Kisumu with a shoot to kill order and curfew for that area. Raila team has called off the rally today but they are planning a peaceful protest.

  • Observer

    Any more word about the sacking rumors, anyone?

  • Alani

    is Raila calling For protests on Thursday or is there going to be an inauguration onthat day?

  • Kibaki’s inauguration has an international dimension. He is not serving Kenyans, but the US.

    Where is the UN, AU and East African Presidents in this case????

  • Simba


    Have yo uthought about this?

    The ECK says there were 14 million people registered.

    But when you add up all the vote totals it only comes to about 10 million people actually voting.

    That is only a 70% turn-out…. actually quite a low turnout.

    And if some of those votes were stuffed/rigged… then that means the voter turnout was actually much lower than 70%. Perhaps only 60%.

    Does that seem right to you? It seems strange to me to have such a low voter turnout….

  • Japheth

    Its great you keep us going here. This skirmishes are being reported m ajorly in Nairobi and Kisumu but i have sources saying Eldoret, Kapsabet, Nandihills and other small towns in that side are also experiencing the same. No cars on the road and more demonstrations going on now. Hope somebody does something.

  • Anna

    Raila’s call for mass action on Thursday:
    “We are calling for mass action. We will inform police of the march, and we will march wearing black bands,” Raila said.

    Source: Associated Press, http://www.ap.org

  • zizi

    Someone should be doing the statistics. there is a rumor that when u add all parliamentary votes cast, the total is close to a million votes less than the presidential total! I am currently trying the numbers but only limited sources. If one has full data source please assist!

  • our prayers go for you kenya where our beloveds are.we are all in a state of shock at the injustice caused to democracy God will rescue Kenya from the hands of theives long live civilized kenyans who knew what they want and chose what they want keep up the spirit we pray for peace and sanity amen

  • oke

    ‘The police have declared public rallies as illegal and advised members of the public not to attend a rally scheduled for Sunday in Nairobi by the ODM leaders.’ from Kbc.co.ke
    I think the two leading presidential candidates should step up and stop all this violence. There is a better peaceful way of sorting such issues bearing in mind the lives of the citizens.

  • diasporan

    thanks for the Dago update a few days ago

    btw i’m sure you are onto this but for what its worth-

    connecting from http://www.proxy.org or http://www.anonymous.org will help if you are worried

  • Gaston Mittelstadt

    find here

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