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Stories from Nairobi continued…

– Nation TV is carrying a really great series produced by Hilary Ng’weno called Making of a Nation. It traces Kenya’s political history since independence. I’ve only caught 2 episodes, but what I’ve seen so far has been fascinating and enlightening – it does a really good job of stringing together various events in Kenya’s political history and the footage is great. You really get to see that politics in Kenya is all about the ruling class maintaining power – lots of deja vu. I understand that it will be available as a DVD, I highly recommend it.

– Lots of intimidation going on in Central Province with regards to turnout on election day. Supposedly business owners who dare to open shops etc. on Dec 27th have been told that the businesses will be burnt.

– Moi is PNU’s most effective point person in Rift Valley, he has a lot of sway with older voters (none with the youth) and is really working that segment of the population. He’s supposedly meeting with 2,000 elders every single day.

– Jonathan Mueke is claiming that guys are being paid money to dip their fingers in voters ink before the election thereby disqualifying themselves from voting on election day.

– Raila was on KTN tonight for a Q&A session. Only caught a few minutes of the show but was disappointed with his answers. The first question was about the lack of female representation within the upper echelons of ODM despite their avowed commitment towards representing marginalized segments of Kenyan society including women. The questioner (a woman) also asked why Nyanza (Raila’s stronghold) had no female nominees, why only 12 women made it through the nominations process out of 200 and something nominees, and why he hasn’t done more to address this issue as ODM’s leader. Raila basically ducked, and claimed that he represents Langata and not Nyanza so he has no influence over who is nominated in Nyanza. And I’m the Queen of Sheba. The second question was about the rigging of the ODM nominations process, specifically Orengo’s appointment (rather than election) in Ugenya. Raila was pissed with this question. You could just see it in his face especially when the questioner kept pushing. Raila claimed that Orengo’s opponent was dismissed because he partook in violence during his campaigns and emphasized the fact that if ODM wasn’t democratic 21 sitting MPs in Nyanza would not have been voted out during the nominations process. Mwalimu Mati was up next with a question about grand corruption, but I had to leave for the airport to go get our bags…finally.

– Quote of the day: “This is not Columbia Pictures, this is real life bwana.” (Boozed guy at Tamasha).

AOB: Thanks for all the comments on the Zuma post and the BBC panel post…I’ll do follow up posts soon instead of responding individually.

8 comments to Stories from Nairobi continued…

  • Raila winning by as much as 60%?!…that is shocking. Although if he wins with that margin, we will have a clear winner and no questions or violence afterwards (so, it maybe good for the country).

    It sounds like Kibaki’s kids are not particularly competent or not in tune with the majority of poor kenyans.

  • thanks KP for the commentary. As a Kenyan watching the upcoming polls with my heart in my mouth( literally) it seems too close to call. If Raila spoke at home with as much aplomb as he does abroad in German and Americanese( to Kenyans in America), many people would feel better about the 60% so far.

    In any case, we need new people in the Parliament, and in local government, for real. We watch, we hope and we pray for Kenya.

    PS Tamasha 😀

  • alexcia

    IMHO about the interview, those were not fair questions for Raila.
    Obviously he can’t win when he is accused of being on both side on the room at the same time.
    He stays away from nominations, female losers compain that they are not represented. If he gets “involved” (unproven) then Orengo’s name is brought up.
    I am not in kenya myself but i think that Mwanga fellow is clearly a PNU project, Ugenya people will have no one to blame but themselves it they vote for him.

    Another thing, the WOMEN and youth of kenya should NOT be looking for any favours (they are after all more women and youth voters than men) , they should look at HRC and Obama who are running very strong campaign w/o a wiff of gender or race handicaps .

  • Did Ng’weno’s documentary ever get in fact released on DVD?

    I have no idea. I haven’t seen anything about it.

  • This is more of a post mortem – after the fact. It is great to see Raila and Kibaki seeing eye to eye. Clearly, in politics all things are possible.

    Whatever our affliliations, let’s pray for peace to prevail in Kenya!

  • I forgot to add, I was surprised by the number of ‘prominent’ MPs from all political parties who did not make it parliament – including the former president’s sons!

    That’s Kenya’s politics for you – quite unpredictable!

  • Raila and Kibaki working together but not for the case of Tsangrai and Mugabe! Mugabe refused totally saying what works for Kenya doesn’t work for Zimbabwe. I wish he could borrow a leaf from Kenyan post election saga!!

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