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Election coverage 21-12-07

– I attended an election observer training yesterday at KNCHR. It was very interesting. This election has the potential to be controversial so everyone is on the alert for irregularities, especially with the persistent rumors that the government is going to engage in rigging. Key concerns are whether poll stations will be closed early before everyone has a chance to vote, provision of adequate security, and voters being brought into constituencies where they don’t belong so. I must say that the ECK is doing a really good job as far as managing the process – I’ve had the opportunity to look at their manuals, etc. and their stuff is very detailed and on point. They are also running very good ads on TV encouraging Kenyans to focus on issues when they are voting. I have a handbook of the approved political party symbols. They are over 200! It’s like a clip art book….hehehe. Among the strangest symbols – a mobile phone (Growth and Development Party), a Syringe (Forum for Orange Democratic Change Party); a helicopter (New Sisi kwa Sisi Party), and a guitar (National Integration Party of Kenya).

I have to say that I am also very impressed by the debate shows/townhall shows on TV (like Louis Otieno’s series, and CMD’s series on KBC). Kenyans must be tired of them, but I’m enjoying them. It’s been really good to see the growing level of political maturity among Kenyan voters, and also to see some politicians who are able to engage articulately with voters.

Latest from the grapevine:

– Kalonzo has been offered 10bn kshs to step down by PNU, but he is setting himself up for 2012 so he’s not interested in doing anything that will sully his reputation. Rumor also has it that Kibaki offered to step down for him a few days ago, but Kalonzo said it’s too late.

– Guys are being paid between 5 -10 million kshs to step down in constituencies with lots of candidates in order to boost the number of MPs PNU will have in govt.

– There’s still a strategy to try and rig Odinga out in Lang’ata.

– Raila’s loose talk about guys not paying rent has had a terrible effect on Luo renters. Guys are not renting to them straight out. Talked to a guy yesterday who had to use a front to get a SQ.

10 comments to Election coverage 21-12-07

  • Renters being turned down:
    – i see the silver lining side of this turn of event.
    (i) Should force the Luos, who are mostly renters, to seek start seeking home ownership (This will be good for the economy too)
    (ii)Any Luo out there with real-estate interest and money should take advantage of this

    But i guess ( this is a stereotype, so pardon me ) no Luo has money left for such investment, having spend all their employment-based income on luxuries, eh?

  • digging the pre-election dispatches from NBO. good to hear about the increasing sophistication of the electorate …

  • JKE

    The above mentioned handbook is available onlinehere (PDF, 1.6 MB, eck.or.ke website).

  • alexcia

    so where will you be on D-day?
    Langata perhaps?

  • Hmmmm, are you with the ODM? All the ‘news’ on your blog seems very far-fetched and very anti-PNU. I have seen a number of websites, with the most fanatical ODM support, but even they do not have some of these rumours you post here.

    Rumor also has it that Kibaki offered to step down for him a few days ago, but Kalonzo said it’s too late.

    A little over the pale, wouldn’t you say?

  • Osas

    Too much gossip right now in your blog, Ory, and too lowly gossip at that; and too little information. :(


  • Ivory

    Thanks for the update of whats happening on the ground. Your blog is your space and its your choice to write whatever pleases you. Be it “gossip” or “little info”, I find it refreshing. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Peace

  • anonymous


    PNU is a dead dodo. Don’t take it out on Ory, she is just observing clowning by puppets like the rest of us. What I find more lowly than anything is your disguise of your support of PNU as an “interest” in having more information. Well I have some information for you…cry me a river :). Merry Xmas.

  • M

    What part of ‘grapevine’ are people not getting? Eish! As for
    PNU listening to radio on Saturday leaves little doubt they paid heavily for airtime. There was a PNU ad like every 20 min!!!

  • rateng

    @ Ory: great stuff! Nothing like grapevine tales to spice up things. Thanks for sharing.
    @Osas: where do you get off telling Ory what to blog about? Do your own homework and scour the web for information! Why should you be spoon-fed?
    @Kenya.fm: ouch! I feel that barb directed at jangs. Maybe now we’ll pour more funds into investments, but it’s still good to have some luxuries…maybe we understand the transiency of life like no other tribe. 😆