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Travel lag…

TED Global was an absolute whirlwind…so much so that I didn’t blog it (can’t believe that, though Ethan makes the whole exercise pointless doesn’t he?).

In between watching all the amazing speakers, I was busy catching up with real and virtual (not anymore) friends, freaking out about my talk on the last day, and more importantly making sure I had enough sterilized bottles for the baby etc.(I was convinced she’d catch a bug of some sort during the trip).

Gabi was a super-trooper, she exceeded all expectations we had and made through the several flights and the conference like a pro (Tedsterette?). She has the makings of a Conde Nast subscriber :-) I’m the one who is still recovering!

Over the next day or two, I hope to post my thoughts on the conference. In the meantime, for those who were wondering what I spoke about, Ethan has a spot on summary.

5 comments to Travel lag…

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  • KM

    Powerful piece KP over there at Ethan’s.

  • Ory, i t was a priviledge meeting you and your family. It was indeed a whirlwind of a week, and your talk really cemented the whole conference for me. Thank you for the inspiration and wow, what a cheetah you are! :)

  • anonymous

    We missed your blog during the conference. But you confirm our suspicions that baby KP had something to do with it. Thats a damn good excuse coz otherwise, w e wacha tu. Your thoughts are always valued; you have made a great impact on blogging catching in Kenya and I believe TED making it to Africa as well and for that many thanks.

    Secret admirer