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Quick Hits

China’s African adventure (NYTimes Magazine piece).

Phonezoo – find and share ringtones.

– Spurred on by the debate around the lack of diversity at blogging indaba in Grahamstown, Tanzania bloggers hold a virtual conference.

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  • From the Tanzania bloggers’ conference: November 18th every year will be National Blog Day in Tanzania!

  • Is “lack of diversity” a pc substitute for lack of black africans? Even so, I wish them all the best. Someone in KBW should organise one too.

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  • Amused

    The more things change the more they stay the same. As Africans we are walking into another round of explotation. Why would China want to develop a continent when it has it’s own problems? What is in it for them? I am afraid we will open our eyes in 20 yrs and realise they have the land/gold/oil/labor and we will have what, their goodwill?