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More quick hits…

– Looks like Bitange Ndemo is answering questions regarding EASSY on Mashada. Wow! A must read. Even had diaspora folk flummoxed :-)

– The governor of Cross River State in Nigeria has a blog. It’s quite informative. Hat tip Banks!

– For techies (and if you’re interested in a nifty mobile instant messaging app that allows chat in real time at the fraction of the cost of sms coming out of South Africa), how to run Mxit from your PC. Thanks for the clarification Rafiq.

– How about a Make Africa Wealthy Campaign?

8 comments to More quick hits…

  • Thanks for the mention. MXit is not actually an sms app. It is a mobile instant messaging app (jabber) chat in real time at the fraction fo the cost of sms.

    Thanks for the clarification…fixed it.

  • Luke

    Hi KP
    I am very impressed with Bitange Ndemo answers to questions on Mashada!
    I will definitely vote for him should he run for any position next year
    I wish we could see more examples of ministers, MPs etc like this. it makes the choice easy as we approach next year

  • credit should be to Grandiose Parlor where I first read about the Gov.

    Hope the PS statement on EASSY is not a hoax e.g. “Dr. Mutua’s” comment on M’s site

    Hope so too, the information he provided is very on point though, so whoever’s writing it is very informed.

  • Luke,
    The idea that all who perform well at their jobs should run for office is one of the things that have messed up this country. If Bitange is a good PS, then for God’s sake, keep him there or promote him within the Civil Service. That’s where we need professionals not in Parliament wasting our time and money.

    Look at what happened to Kivutha Kibwana, Wangari Maathai and countless other civil society luminaries when they joined politics.

    Bitange’s (if that’s him) eloquence just throws into sharp relief the failures of NARC. Composed of some of Kenya’s best and brightest, this government has been a bitter disappointment.

  • E-Nyce

    Wow, who knew that Mashada forums could be, you know, useful. :mrgreen:

  • E-Nyce

    an aside…

    To Kenyan Pundit staff:
    Can not leave a reply using Firefox.

    Get the message “Error: This file cannot be used on its own.” at url http://www.kenyanpundit.com/wp-comments-post.php

    I do not want to believe everyone here is using Internet Explorer… 😯

  • As far as Making Africa Rich Campaign goes, I think we as a continent have realized that we need to unite and form trade cartels so as to leverage ourselves in the global market. To paraphrase Mumar Gaddaffi and Kwame Nkurumas sentiments that were uttered way back when, “Africa needs TRADE, not aid” We are after all supplying the world with tonnes of oil, gold, diamonds, coffee, tea, cotton…….. its time we started trading equally for it. Watch this space!

  • burukingz

    i really like to know wehat the fuck is a pundit and all this yadi yada and who is runing for what post aki niko so lost na vile mi ni regular mashada//8