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Nini hii?

Only in Kenya can these headlines run simultaneously…

– Water rationing to continue in Nairobi. Why hasn’t the Sasamua dam been repaired since freaking 2003?

– State appeals for 500 million Kshs to assist flood victims.

4 comments to Nini hii?

  • It’s true and very puzzling at the same time. There have been heavy rains for the past two weeks, yet we have had water shortages for over a month. Mostof the rain water goes to waste

  • The head of the water company supplying Nairobi has no shame declaring that they have no capacity to store excess water from the rains while at the same time admitting that 70% of all piped water is lost due to leakages. Kichwa Maji!

    Kichwa maji kabisa…some things require very simple solutions yet we act like it’s a big mystery.

  • acolyte

    Seems our public administrators never learn from past mistakes.

  • It is so ironic. “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink…”