It’s still VERY much in beta and a work in progress,but I think it’s time to reveal one of the things that I and one Thinker have been working on in the last couple of months. Mzalendo. You’ve all read my rants about the lack of access to information about Kenyan parliamentarians, and this is our attempt to try and do something about it (that came to life over Sunday breakfast at Java with M).

There is still a lot of information that has to be updated on the site (and yes a number of typos to be corrected). We are running this project on our free time and are battling to get up to speed. This is pretty much a demo version. Over the next few months we hope to start the processing of uploading whatever Hansard copies we are able to access, start providing data e.g. on questions asked and answered, and start updating the MPs pages. If you are interested in giving us information about your MP please drop either of us a line…our eventual goal is to build a portal that derives it strength from reader and community participation (including constituency blogs) much like Congresspedia…we should all be keeping an eye on Parliament.

Would love to get your feedback on the site so far so please drop a comment or send either of us an email (especially if you have a hidden stash of Hansards!).

P.S. M, THANK YOU for putting up with my taskmastering tendencies.

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