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Mzalendo addendum

Please help support Mzalendo by linking to it and giving us free much-needed PR.
Hat tip Kikuyumoja!

Edit: Tagline as per Bankelele’s request – Keeping An Eye on the Kenyan Parliament or Kenyan Parliament Watch (or Eye on Robbers hehehe).

8 comments to Mzalendo addendum

  • bankelele

    good start.

    any sub-title to go with Mzalendo to describe the link better?

    “Keeping an eye on the kenyan Parliament”

  • Aradi

    Congratulations on the hard work. Atruly noble undertaking. Parliaments’ homepage at parliament.go.ke is a dead end for now but more on the MP’s CV’s can be found at

    Just In case you need it.

    Again, outstanding idea.

  • AK

    where is my earlier comment? blogger ate it?

    Anyway, great idea. perhaps the link to constituencies could include their websites (those who have) so that we, the people, could be abreast with what goes on down there.

    Thanks, will link this up to mine.

  • Great idea – it will also be useful for non-Kenyans to have a better understanding of what is happening in the country.

  • Doques

    This is a worthy course and atrue demonstration of citizenship. A great way to keep us abreast and these Mps in check.Keep it up

  • Great job:grin: keep it up

  • Should be adding now. Great work you two::razz:

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