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Kenya National Commission on Human Rights is Hiring

http://www.knchr.org/jobs.asp […]

Pic of the day

Main road from airport Originally uploaded by ateka.

This is the main road from the airport into city. And our economy is supposed to be growing how exactly? If only the Minister in charge of Roads spent more time trying to get his job done and less time making orange-sellers happy.


English Around the World

Listen to how people around the world speak English at the International Dialects of English Archives.

Random Thoughts of the day

So I’ve been attending a conference all week at the Kenya Communications of Technology. There are four computers available for use by conference participants who want to check their email, surf, etc…what’s very disturbing to me is that this has to be the slowest connection I’ve experienced in Kenya in years and this is supposed […]

Bananas (apples?) and oranges

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4215266.stm […]


My new home is still a work of progress. I had grand ambitions of becoming a CSS guru and building a jazzed- up blog, but life took over and I had to admit that the snazzy blogs will be left to the likes of akina Godfather and Mama Junkyard (hint hint, I accept pro bono […]