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My new home is still a work of progress. I had grand ambitions of becoming a CSS guru and building a jazzed- up blog, but life took over and I had to admit that the snazzy blogs will be left to the likes of akina Godfather and Mama Junkyard (hint hint, I accept pro bono work guys).

One thing I like about Word Press already, it loads very quickly even with a slow internet connection. I’m posting this from a place where the connection is painfully slow…I’d still be waiting to log onto my old blog at this rate. I wonder whether anyone blogging from Kenya/Africa who has made the switch to Word Press has experienced the same thing?

Feedback on the new digz is welcome!

8 comments to Karibuni

  • mentalacrobatics

    Looking good, Looking good. Great to have you back blogging. tutadiscuss that pro bono work lol!

    Nitangojea hiyo discussion :)

  • M

    Yep, having made the big switch myself to WordPress I can totally vouch for WordPress. It’s even faster than blogger!

    Karibu karibu! 😀

  • msaniiXL

    I’m feeling this….that picture is nice….glad to you back welcome!

  • bankelele

    looks good, great picture

  • hash

    Good looking site. I’m glad to see you’ve made the switch to WordPress, it’s a great system.

  • Your site is very cool ory!,Welcome back

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