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Acumen Fellowships Class of 2010

The application process is now open and closes on October 20th. “Ideal fellows include those who have already decided on a career in venture philanthropy, those who are seeking a career at the highest levels in the corporate world but want to better understand and impact problems of global poverty, and budding social entrepreneurs who […]

Ushahidi wins J-Lab special distinction award!

All the details here

East African Community Investment Forum in NY

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Dear American Voter Project

“Dear American Voter” is inviting you to be a part of a global dialogue featuring responses from around the world to the question, “What should Americans think about as they cast their ballot? ” (Uumm…if you vote for McCain…goodbye USA, hello Russia and China).

You can participate by sending in your videos, photos and text […]

Whither the citizen war reporter?

Evegeny Morozov, has an interesting piece in Open Democracy looking at the role of citizen journalists in conflict (specifically Georgia). He argues that citizen journalists are not the magic bullet that they’ve been trumped up to be as far as covering news in underreported conflict areas.

While he does have some valid points, I […]

Resource for entrepreneurs

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(Was) In Nairobi

EDIT: This post should have gone up last week but it got “eaten.”

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been traveling for the last week and a half and more travel is coming up. This doesn’t seem to be a good year for me to travel, however, if my bags aren’t missing I’m […]

BarCamp Nairobi ’08

Should be a great event, I will be attending and possibly speaking and registering for the event gets you an Ushahidi t-shirt and lots of other “schwag”…and you get to hear about possible opportunities to help with the next version of Ushahidi (we are trying to put African developers on the map, no pun intended..heheh). […]